5 Days Inner Mongolia Travel Itinerary

5 Days Inner Mongolia Travel Itinerary

Morgen Mo
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5 Days Xilamuren Grassland Itinerary

Xilamuren GrasslandXilamuren Grassland

Hohhot – Xilamuren Grassland – Baotou - Hohhot

  • Day 1, Hohhot arrival
  • Day 2, Hohhot – Xilamuren (about 2 Hours): Xilamuren Grassland, overnight at Mongolian a yurt.
  • Day 3, Xilamuren – Baotou: Sunrise on the grassland, Resonant Sand Bay, overnight at Baotou.
  • Day 4, Baotou – Hohhot (about 2.5 Hours): Wudangzhao Monastery, Dazhao Temple, Inner Mongolia Museum, overnight at Hohhot.
  • Day 5, Hohhot Departure

5 Days Hulunbuir Grassland itinerary

Hulunbuir GrasslandHulunbuir Grassland

Hohhot - Ergun - Enhe - Heishantou

  • Day 1, Arrive at Hailar
  • Day 2, Hailar – Erguna (about 2 Hours): Hulunbuir Grassland, Mergel Gol River, Ergun Wetland
  • Day 3: Erguna – Shiwei (about 2.5 Hours): White Birch Forest with the Ewenkis' performance, Enhe Russian family visit
  • Day 4, Shiwei – Heishantou (about 3.5 Hours): Boundary River, Heishantou Grassland
  • Day 5, Heishantou – Hailar (about 2.5 Hours): Back to Hailar and Departure

5 Days Mongolian Grassland, Hiking and Camping Itinerary

Huitengxile GrasslandHuitengxile Grassland

Hohhot - Huitengxile Grassland - Kubuqi Desert

  • Day 1, Arrival at Hohhot: Inner Mongolia Museum
  • Day 2, Hohhot – Huitengxile (about 2 Hours): Huitengxile Grassland, Huanghuagou Grassland hiking, Horse riding, Mongolian Archery and Wrestling. Overnight in a Mongolian yurt.
  • Day 3: Huitengxile - Hohhot: Daqing Mountain Hiking for about 5 Hours
  • Day 4: Hohhot - Kubuqi Desert (about 3 Hours): Desert Hiking, Camel Riding, Go Karting, Sand Sliding, Desert Sunset Barbecue Dinner and Overnight Camping
  • Day 5: Kubuqi Desert – Hohhot: Departure

5 Days Inner Mongolia Gegentala Grassland Travel Itinerary

Gegentala GrasslandGegentala Grassland

Hohhot - Gegentala Grasslands - Hohhot

  • Day 1, Arrive Hohhot
  • Day 2, Hohhot - Gegentala Grassland(140KM): Mongolian Welcoming Ceremony, Horse Riding, Bonfire Party at Night
  • Day 3, Gegentala Grassland – Hohhot: Sunrise on the grassland, Resonant Sand Gorge (about 4 Hours), Camel Riding, Sand Sliding, etc.
  • Day 4, Hohhot: Old Street and Dazhao Monastery, Mongolia Provincial Museum
  • Day 5, Hohhot departure

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