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Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Located at the north foot of Wu Hill, Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine is professional museum that displays various Chinese herbal medicines. Founded in 1989 and opened in 1991, this museum is inside the Hu Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy. Hu Qing Yu Tang is a pharmacy brand that sells traditional Chinese medicine which is equivalent to Tong Ren Tang in Beijing.

The pharmacy was designed and built by Hu Xueyan, a famous official and executives in the Qing Dynasty. It is a typical garden style architecte in South China. There is a wide collection of traditional Chinese medicines, valuable books and prescriptions about traditional Chinese medicine.

The museum is divided into five parts: the Exhibition Hall, the Medicine Preparation Hall, the Chinese Health Care Clinic, the Sales Department, and the Restaurant of Medicinal Diet.

The development of Chinese medicine, famous doctors during various Dynasties in China, books of medical science, and records of China’s medicine exchange with other countries are introduced at the Exhibition Hall. In the Medicine Preparation Hall, the staff of the museum perform the art of traditional medicine making. Tourists are allowed to try themselves.

In the Chinese Health Care Clinic, visitors have the opportunity to receive Chinese style health care options including acupuncture by experienced doctors. The Restaurant of Medicinal Diet provide visitors with medicinal dishes good for health. The Sales Department sells various traditional Chinese medicines.

Nora Zheng

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