Guilin 1 Day Travel Itinerary

1 Day Guilin Travel Itinerary

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1-day Guilin City Tour: Early morning walk along Binjiang Road to see locals' morning exercises, then climb Diecai Hill for the great views of Guilin downtown. After a local lunch, visit Reed Flute Cave and wander in the 4 lakes area. You may have further exploration of the Zhengyang Pedestrian Street and East-West Valley on your own at night.

1-day Yangshuo Highlights Itinerary: Take a 4-hour Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, then explore the various shops on West Street and have a nice coffee break. Options after the cruise: biking tour in the countryside/Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River/Rock climbing/Paddle Boarding, etc.

1-day Longsheng Tour: Drive 2 hours from Guilin to Longji, visit the terraced rice fields, learn to cook bamboo tube rice and have a local lunch, go hiking in Ping’an Village and Ancient Zhuang Village, and drive back to Guilin.

1-day Yangshuo Countryside Tour: Half-day biking tour from Yangshuo town to Yulong Bridge and back. After lunch, a 2-3 hours paddle board experience with a romantic afternoon tea.

1-day Guilin City Surrounding Discovery: Half day to visit Yao Mountain including chairlift up and slide way down, and a half-day visit to Daxu Ancient Town with a local family visit.

1-day Yangshuo Photography Tour: Climb Xianggong Mountain for stunning sunrise views, shoot the ancient Fuli Bridge, and take a 1 hour Yulong River bamboo rafting. After Lunch, drive to Xingping Town for sunset views of the Li River and fishing lights.

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