Lyndsey Payne Family Customized a 6 Days Beijing & Xian Tour

Hi Grace,

We are doing well. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Our most memorable attraction is really a tie between The Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Army. The Great Wall simply because pictures do not do it justice. It was amazing to think how people build that wall without modern technology. Then the Terra Cotta Army because of the history and how ii was lost but now found and they are still digging and discovering new things.

2. Eva was just an amazing tour guide. She was so helpful with our kids. She made sure that we were able to enjoy our trip and also helped keep an eye on them. But truly what set her over the top was when we had our emergency; she truly got us through it all. I was so scared and didn't know what to do. She took the lead, helped translate with the airport security to get us to the first aid and then got us to the hospital. I do not what I would have done without her!

3. The hotel in Beijing was great. It was in a good location to enjoy other things will on our free time. Unfortunately, the hotel in Xi'an was not up to standard. It smelt like smoke the whole time. Even though some of the floor where smoke free you could still smell it. Also our youngest got sick and threw up on the sheets the morning we were there. We were charged for having to have the sheets washed. This was crazy to us. In the US, hotels are forgiving and understanding when it comes to children and would not have charged us.

Our favorite meal had to be in the village just outside of the Terra Cotta Army. The short ribs and eggplant were amazing! Easily our favorite meal! One thing about every meal was there was so much food! We could never eat it all!

4. Do not miss the restaurant just outside the Terra Cotta Army that Summer took us too!

5. The whole trip was a wow!

6. We already have recommended you!

One suggestion I think people from the U.S. would have appreciated, or at least I would have, was to be told ahead of time that people are fascinated with U.S. children. It was very strange to us. People would just walk up to us or our children and take pictures. Many without asking. They wanted to touch our children. Eva at many points had to physically part people so we could get through crowds. Summer also had to tell people not to touch our children. Especially right after Jacob had been to the ER. They were great and trying to help us get through people.

Thank you Grace!

Lyndsey Payne from the US customized a Best Xian Tour with private guide and vehicle, well-selected hotels, top attractions, interesting activities, etc.

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