Stefano's Customized China Tour including Datong

Hello Morgen,

How are You today?

In Italy wether is gorgeous, dry and sunny. We are well and keep on telling everyone how we enjoyed the China Tour (Morgen arranged the tour) of last april. I confirm we were luky to meet so nice people (I mean the three italian speaking guides and obviously You).

Just to tell you something more, the guide in Beijing was very helpfull, she spent three years in Italy and probably she knew how to deal with italians, she took us to theatre and dinner and she fullfill all our requests.

The guide in Xi'an was absoloutly calm, she spoke slowly but I think she spoke the best italian of the three even if she studied only on books. She told us interesting things not just about archeolgical beuties but also on the daily life in China and difficulties she had growing her son and competition at the school and so on. I am sorry she was a little down with her mood but this is life and I am sure she will be better very soon.


"We recommend you to customize a Shanxi Tour based on your interests and requests!"

The Guilin guide, the Manchu girl, was really fantastic. So nice and funny and full of life that we still remind how she spoke italian and concepts and the colourfull expressions she used. The way she would adopte to improve tourism in Guilin and the way she cure reumathisms are really the best things I heard during the tour and I will never forget.

Pass our greetings to the three of them.


Stefano from Italy, customized a Shanxi Tour to Beijing Datong Xian Guilin and Hong Kong with private guides and vehicles, well-selected hotels, top attractions, interesting activities, etc.

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This tour is tailor-made and we can tailor to meet your reqeusts. Your personal travel consultant will contact you within 24 working hours!


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