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Suzhou Travel Seasons

Suzhou Travel Seasons

You can visit Suzhou all year round, which spring is the best for traveling to the city.

Suzhou has a subtropical monsoon climate of the north, with a moderate and humid climate with four distinct seasons. As seasons change, you can see various beautiful gardens in Suzhou sometimes with flowers blooming similar to a piece of brocade, with shades of trees covered, and snow wrapping.

In the warm and pleasant spring, you can see beautiful scenery. Whether it is a sunny or rainy day, everything in the gardens that have different sizes come to life creating a lively scene. Moreover, the Fragrant Sea of Snow on Deng Wei Hill of Guangfu ancient town in February is also well known. The mountain is covered with blossoming plums that make it appear like a sea of snow, full of intoxicating smells.

If you visit Suzhou from April to October, you cannot only enjoy the natural landscape of the pink peaches and green willows, but also taste the different types of fruits such as peach, Biluochun Tea and candied lotus root. The red bayberry, loquat, candied lotus root, hairy crab and Salted & Fresh Pork Soup emerge on the market to allow you to enjoy gourmet meals after taking in the scenery.

Recommended scenic areas: Fragrant Sea of Snow in Deng Wei Hill (Plum Blossom in February), Linwu Cave (sea of plum blossom in Linwu), Humble Administrator's Garden (lotus in summer of July), Tianping Hill (maple leaves in October), Cold Mountain Temple Monastery (listening New Year's bell).


1. It is suggested that you avoid visiting Suzhou Gardens or Riverside Town Area around the Tomb Sweeping Festival, on weekends and other holidays. You can appreciate the unique charm of the ancient city Suzhou only when it is less crowded.

2. All scenic areas in Suzhou close early, among which the most popular is the Cold Mountain Temple Monastery which is closed at 17:30 and even on the holidays (except on the day of ringing bells for New Year), the Fragrant Sea of Snow in Deng Wei hill stops selling tickets at 16:00. As a result, you have to pay more attention to your time if you are traveling alone.