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Guizhou Luxury Tour

Luxury Guizhou Tours

Guizhou-贵州 is a destination which seems remote and poor, but which has a pure and cherished hidden ethnic culture and groups in the mountains and along the rivers. Driving in the mountains, hiking along the rivers and villages, you will be able to meet and discover the groups far from the big cities.

“ In each city we were greeted by tour guides who expressed a genuine love for their country and its people. We were always treated with exceptional care and concern for our well being. Actually, every time we left one city to continue on our journey, we felt that certainly the next stop we could not expect the same level of care, but we were always wrong. Every guide was exceptional. No matter what our question or concern, we were always treated as though we were special. Every one of the guides had a vast knowledge of their city and the sights we were enjoying. ” Read More

Ethnic minority culture discovery in Guizhou and Guilin

Ethnic minority culture discovery in Guizhou and Guilin

Guizhou, located in southwestern China, is a province that is home to many ethnic groups. It is filled with ethnic impressions and endowed with a unique landscape, comfortable climate and a profusion of cultural relics. The average temperature is 5 Celsius degree in January to July 24th which is ideal for tourists. The mountains there feature steep rising peaks with meandering rivers flowing.

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Hidden Ethnic Minority Discovery Journey in Guizhou

Hidden Ethnic Minority Discovery Journey in Guizhou

This trip has a unique itinerary. You’ll be able to go deep into the local villages, visit local families and interact with local people. These experiences and more will allow you to truly have a better understanding of the tribes and cultures secluded in the mountainous areas. Simultaneously, you’ll be able to witness the simple, yet enticing natural scenery of the villages.

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Introduction to Guizhou

Guizhou Introduction

Located on the eastern region of the Yungui Plateau, Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou province. In the past, Guiyang was surrounded by dense bamboo groves, which provides superb materials for producing a musical instrument called Zhu. Thus, it is nicknamed Zhu. The climate in Guiyang is often mild and moist year round. It is not too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Since Guiyang has the highest percentage of forest coverage, it is an ideal summer resort for you to stray from the scorching heat. Generally, spring, summer and autumn are the best seasons for visitors to experience what Guiyang has to offer.

Festivals in Guizhou

Festivals in Guizhou

Lusheng Festival

The Lusheng Festival is a very famous festival in China. It is a festival celebrated among Miao ethnic groups. Lusheng is a kind of bamboo pipe. It plays an important role in Miao culture. The Lusheng festival is one of important festivals in this region, because it is related to mothers. Local people often say, “We could hear our mum's voice and songs when we are playing this music instrument.”

Introduction to Kaili

Kaili Introduction

As the capital city of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Kaili is home to the Miao and Dong people. With large amounts of natural Karst formation, Kaili is characterized by grotesque rocks and limestone caves. Xianlu Mountain and Jinquan Lake are two typical scenic areas where you can experience the splendor of nature.

Introduction to Zhaoxing

Zhaoxing Introduction

As an old Dong village deeply hidden in mountains, Zhaoxing has a reputation due to its ancient wooden structures, its magnificent view of the fertile terraced fields and its cordial, local people. Additionally, Zhaoxing has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for its pure ethnic culture.


Rongjiang Introduction

Rongjiang, in the southeastern region of Guizhou province had a similar appearance to modern Chinese towns. However, it serves as the base of surrounding Dong villages. A half an hour walk to the east of Rongjiang are the Chejiang Dong villages. They are three villages of varying sizes, among which Zhanglu village is the well-known as the cradle of the standard Dong dialect. The main source of income there derives from farming and tourism.


Congjiang Introduction

As a city on the southeastern border of Guizhou, Congjiang is not only a major route between Guangxi province to the east and Guiyang to the northwest. It is also a transport hub for the ethnic minority villages in southeastern Guizhou.


Sanjiang Introduction

As a county belonging to Liuzhou Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Sanjiang lies at the joint of Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan provinces. Thus, it’s named Sanjiang, which translates as three rivers converging in Chinese. Sanjiang has the largest population of Dong people, giving rise to its distinctive architectural style characterized by the Drum Tower and the Wind and Rain Bridge.

Luxury Hotels in Guizhou

Luxury Hotels in Guizhou

Kempinski Hotel Guiyang

 Located in the central business district and on the waterfront of the Nanming Lake, Kempinsiki Hotel Guiyang there is easy transportation. It is next to the shopping mall and recreational center along with being only a few minutes to scenic areas by walking such as the Dashizi Square, Jiaxiu Tower, Hongfu Temple and Qianling Park. As a landmark in Guiyang, it has 366 rooms and suites (altogether 53 floors), each of which offer a perfect view of city’s unique sceneries. At night, you can hang out in the hotel’s 53 Lounge (230 meters high) while immersing yourself in the night view.

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