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China Culture Tour, Tailor-makes Personalized China Cultural Tours!

China Culture Tour, a China local travel agency excels at providing you with cultural tours in China for families, seniors, couples and small groups based on the needs of our clients. We will accommodate your personal requests at the most reasonable price and ensure your tour experience in China is valuable and top-notch.



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China Culture Tour

What Our Clients Say

"Our private guides were excellent. They were all very knowledgeable, professional and they all had lovely personalities. We learned so much about the history, society, geography, food, daily life and even a little about each of our guides’ personal lives. ...." Read More

China Culture Tour 100% Happy Clients

About China

China is referred to as "Zhong Guo" in Chinese, which means the "Middle Kingdom". China was believed to be the center of the universe in ancient times. In general terms, China refers to a country in Eastern Asia where a diverse group of people share the same Chinese civilization that originated in the Central Plains (an area consisting of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River). The overwhelming majority of the population of China is made up of the Han Chinese and Mandarin is the most frequently used language. The Han Chinese and other ethnic groups living in the vast expanse of the Chinese territory make up the Chinese nation, collectively known as the Chinese. More

About China
Capital city: Beijing/Peking (population 13 million)
Population: 1.3 billion
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese and various dialects in different provinces
Currency: CNY/RMB-Chinese Yuan
Time zone: (GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi
Electricity: 220V, 50HZ
Dialing code: +86

Best Time to Visit China

Best Time to Visit China

Spring and autumn are the two best seasons for visiting China as it is cold in winter and hot in summer. Unless you have a busy schedule during spring and autumn you may just as well visit China during these periods. If you think you can stand the cold, then you will find that the scenic spots are not so packed in winter and travel is less expensive. A visit to China in winter also means that you can experience the Spring Festival or the Lantern Festival. The festive atmosphere will definitely contribute to a unique Chinese cultural experience! More

Highlights of China

If this is your first time in China, we usually recommend a traditional itinerary, which includes the highlights of the most popular tourist destinations in China, such as Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu (the hometown of giant panda), the Three Gorges, Shanghai, Guilin and Hong Kong. Generally speaking, it takes around 12 days to visit these places. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can spend 14 to 15 days on such an itinerary. It usually takes three to four days to tour around Chengdu and for Hong Kong, two to three days are enough. How to tailor your China tour?

Highlights of China Tours
Beijing: Ancient Capital, Political & Cultural Center
Xian: Ancient Capital & Starting point of the Silk Road
Shanghai: Old, Modern & International Metropolis
Guilin: Natural, Lovely Hills, Crystal Rivers, Rice Fields
Hong Kong: Shopping Paradise, International Metropolis
Tibet: Holy Destination, Artless Locals, Snow Mountains
Chengdu: Giant Pandas, Valley, Hotpot, Charming Ladies
Yunnan: Beautiful, Wild, Shangri La, Various Minorities
Xinjiang: Sweet Fruits, Desert, Bazaar, Silk Road Culture
Suzhou & Hangzhou: Classic Gardens, Water Towns

China Tours for Independent Travelers

China Tours for Seniors
China Tours for Seniors

Our team has researched the unique needs of senior travelers in China and has the expertise to customize a most suitable China tour that will cater to every need. More

China Tours for Families
China Tours for Families

Designed specifically for family tour to China with kids, these private, affordable family tours combine culture and great fun to bring you the holiday experience of a lifetime! More

China Tours for Couples
China Tours for Couples

You may be planning a special wedding anniversary or honeymoon. Perhaps a journey to experience a unique culture or a romantic sojourn. More

China Tours for Students
China Tours for Students

Special China tours tailor-made for you such as school visit, culture communicates, Mandarin learning course, traditional culture experience and more. More

What Our Clients Say

"We loved the Li River cruise. It was so beautiful and it seemed like there was another amazing landscape around every corner. Actually, we loved the entire Yangshuo experience. The scooter ride around the countryside was a definite highlight, especially stopping for the bamboo raft ride and the visit to the ancient house with the general's family. The visit to the terraced rice fields was another wonderful highlight of our trip..." More

China Tailor made Tours

Tailor-make a China tour and free to design your itinerary!

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