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Essence of Ancient China Tours

Tailor-make Ancient China Tours to the Imperial Capitals of Beijing, Ancient capitals Xi'an and Luoyang. Enjoy the hospitality of traditional courtyard homes in Beijing and the ancient sourrounding in Xian, trace the origins of Kungfu in Luoyang... Solo travelers, family groups or seniors will be mesmerized by ancient luxury China and we offer ancient China tours to meet all specifications.

" Hi China Culture Tour Team, It was a good tour and we enjoyed ourselves. The guides were knowledgeable and gave us much insight into local history and culture. We liked the food and hotel arrangements, and thought the itinerary was well-put-together (given the constraint of time). In terms of areas for improvement:We felt that 1D/1N in Pingyao was sufficient; 2N would be ideal only if we were touring the surrounding areas (e.g. Qiao's Residence)... " Read More

Essence of Ancient China

Essence of Ancient China

Tailor-made Tour Days from 8 - 12 Days: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai

If this is your first trip to China with about 8 to 10 days available, Beijing, Xian plus Shanghai is the best combination. Capital Beijing and Xian are representative of the ancient Chinese culture. The Great Wall and the Terra-cotta Warriors are must see sights. Shanghai represents modernization with skyscrapers and shopping centers and also the ancients with old relics at Nanjing Road and the French Concession.

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Best of Ancient China Tour

Best of Ancient China

Tailor-made Tour Days from 12 - 15 Days: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai

You will explore the Forbidden City, Tianmanmen Square, the Temple of Heaven and more. You will stay at The Commune Hotel by the Great Wall located at the foot of Badaling Great Wall section. You will visit Xian, the ancient capital of 13 dynasties and the starting point of the Silk Road. Then visit Guilin, with picturesque karst mountains rising from tranquil rivers and rice paddies. The last stop is Shanghai, China's most dynamic city and a must see.

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