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Hangzhou Cuisine & Restaurants

Hangzhou Cuisine & Restaurants

Hangzhou:  an Introduction of Gourmet Food

Currently, Hangzhou dishes are famous for its high quality but cheap price. Hangzhou cooking is one of Chinese 8 styles of cooking, namely, Zhejiang cuisine which has the fresh and unique characteristics. They focus on fresh materials, delicate cooking, various kinds and nutrient. A great poet named Su Dongpo of Song Dynasty highly praised:” Hnaghozu cuisine is the best all over the word”. There is also allusion which is “getting down from a horse due to the cooking smell”.

Hangzhou Old and Famous Brand

Dongpo pork of Tianxiang restaurant and West Lake fish in vinegar gravy of Louwailou are famous at home and abroad. There are various kinds of local snacks known to all such as Wushan crisp pastry, Jinhua smoked pastry, noodle with shrimp and eel in Guiyuan Restaurant, happy desserts of Zhiweiguan, steamed stuffed bun of Dingliufang of Huzhou which are widely known to every family.

Xin Rong Ji Restaurant

Located in northern Huapu Park of West Lake scenic area in Hangzhou, Xin Rong Ji restaurant is a private restaurant with an elegant environment, low profile and luxury decoration. 12 VIP rooms are located next to the lake. While enjoying gourmet food, guests can appreciate the beautiful scenery around the lake, in a natural environment and strong Jiangnan cultural influence.

  • Price: CNY$900 per person
  • Address: Northwest West Lake in Huapu Park, Hangzhou
  • Phone No.: 0571-87097077

Jin Xiang Lai Restaurant

Jin Xiang Lai restaurant is a renowned place to enjoy wild yellow croaker in Ningbo. Seldom restaurant can cook such fresh and tender fish as they do in this restaurant. Also, crab meat tofu and shredded chicken are impressive and special in creating folk dishes. Other special dishes include tofu in stone bowl, shrimp roll, among others. The Chinese decoration is similar to that of yellow golden style which brings people a great feeling. Jin Xiang Lai has 16 VIP rooms and cassette seats in a lobby. Luxury VIP rooms are equipped with washing room, sofa and tea table. It is located in the forest park where people can enjoy scenery in the park.

  • Price: CNY$250 per person
  • Address: No 8, Chengxing Road, Qianjiang CBD
  • Phone No.: 0571-58102777 0571-85171788

Jie Xiang Lou Restaurant

Jie Xiang Lou restaurant is located in Zixuandu resort similar to that of Cantonese cuisine and Hangzhou dishes. Jie Xiang Lou is one of seven villas in the Zixuandu resort with an excellent environment, tranquil and elegant feeling in the courtyard. Wooden door leaf, brown bricks reminiscent of ancient times. Also, golden relief Buddha figures are low profile and luxurious. Outside the window, you will be lingered by red leaves of beautiful scenery in autumn. In terms of dishes, every dish is beautifully decorated. The accompanied dragon well tea presents its top level service. Thus, Jie Xiang Lou restaurant is a good option for you to serve with its elegant environment, exquisite and considerate service.

  • Price: CNY$330 per person
  • Address: No 1 Bapanling Road, West Lake District, inside of Zixuandu Resort

Su Zhe Hui Restaurant

Su Zhe Hui restaurant is the first Michelin one-star restaurant brand in China. In January 2010, branch in Macao won 1 star world Michelin 1 Star in 2009 to 2010 year, as the first restaurant brand in mainland China. Su Zhe Hui is a new Shanghai cuisine originated from classic Huaiyang cuisine. The most famous principle is easy to enter but hard to exit. Each of its dishes have raw materials carefully selected such as 1.5 kilo carp, 1.3~1.4 kilo coilia ectenes and 1 kilo shrimps with 80 bolls. Additionally, it is attentive to the origin of customers with original tastes with its selections including, Indonesian cubilose and Yunan cordyceps flower.

  • Price: CNY$160 per person
  • Address: Floor 6, Wanxiang City, Hangzhou, No 701, Fuchun Road
  • Phone No.: 0571-89705570 0571-89705510