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About Congjiang

As a city on the southeastern border of Guizhou, Congjiang is not only a major transit city between Guangxi province to the east and Guiyang to the northwest, but also a transport hub for the ethnic minority villages in southeastern Guizhou.

About 7.5 kilometers from Congjiang, there’s a place called Biasha, a small Miao village that is rarely touched by modernity. The local people seldom leave the village with only an exception of selling firewood and or going to a fair. People there, both men and women, are still in their traditional costumes. The women’s costume closely resembles that of nearby Miao villages. Interestingly, the men’s costume consists of a dark blue button-front shirt and wide-legged trousers, often described as a samurai’s outfit. The men’s hairstyle there remains their own uniqueness as time advances, with most of their hair short, and a long ponytail tied in a knot on top. With a knife and a spear wherever they go, the men mainly make a living by hunting.

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