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Best China Vacation Tours for Family with Children

Designed specifically for family visiting with kids, toddlers or baby, these private, affordable private luxury China family tours combines odyssey Chinese culture, interesting history and great family fun to bring you the holiday experience of a lifetime! These meticulous planned China family tour packages features China's most ancient capitals Beijing and Xian, a world leading vibrant city Shanghai, a leisure visit to China's most beautiful and natural countryside Guilin and Yangshuo, a soft adventure to hike on Yellow Mountain, a close contact to the world-renowned giant Pandas in Chengdu. Wherever you are planning to visit, our team can customize an interesting China family tour to meet your specifications features well selected sights, affordable luxury, boutique hotels or apartment with kitchen…Planning a family tour to China with your kids take a little more work, but in the end, it's all worth it!

Lots people agree that travel with family members is a Time to make memories. During a vacation, one learns how to take care of his or her family members, the kids or the old. You need to take care of them carefully as you must be a considerate son or a daughter. Besides that, the most important part of the travel time is to enjoy the fun of the journey. If you arrange a right China tour with a right travel agent, you will have a memorable moment. Travel with us, we will take care of your family well. Tell us your plan and your concerns; we will make you feel at home. Customize your very own China family tour by China Culture Tour, a reputable, family-friendly China tour company!

How to make a family-friendly tour package suitable for us if we travel with our kids?

If you are planning to visit China with your kids, we at China Culture Tour can organize the ultimate travel experience. Perhaps your young charges will enjoy learning kite making and flying or calligraphy, Chinese Kungfu Performance and basic Mandarin language. They may also enjoy a visit to a local family and make Chinese dumplings or school or more energetic activities such as bicycle riding on the Ancient City Wall or watch a Shadow Play in Xi'an, hiking along Li River or on the Terraced Fields in Guilin. How about a visit the the Giant Panda Breeding and hold a baby panda in Chengdu?

The Most Popular China Tours for Family Vacation with Kids

Family Tours China

11 Days Luxury China Adventure Tour for Families: Beijing (2-4 nights: enjoy sunrise and sunset of Great Wall, or overview of the Great Wall by a helicopter tour, learn to paint a Peking Opera mask) - Xian (1-2 nights: make a mini warrior with your own hand, etc.) - Guilin/Yangshuo/Dragon Backbone Terraced Fields (3-4 nights: bamboo rafting, biking in villages and farm land, birdview the hills by helicopter tour) - Shanghai (1-2 nights: Ride a cool motorcycle sidecar through old Shanghai...); View this itinerary

12 Days China Panda Tour for Families: Beijing (2-4 nights, dumpling making, kite making, paper cutting learning, kungfu performance, apply a Beijing Opera mask, etc.) - Xian (1-2 nights, puppet shadow show, biking on the City Wall, terracotta figurine making, dumpling making) - Chengdu (1-2 nights, giant pandas, face changing show) - Guilin/Yangshuo/Dragon Backbone Terraced Fields (3-4 nights, painting class, Chinese kungfu, countryside biking, bamboo rafting, farmland experience, cooking) - Shanghai (1-2 nights, acrobatic show); View this itinerary

13 Days Cultural & Scenic China Tour for Families: Beijing (2-4 nights)- Xian (1-2 nights) - Guilin/Yangshuo/Dragon Backbone Terraced Fields (3-4 nights) - Shanghai (1-2 nights) - Hong Kong (1-2 nights); View this itinerary

14 Days China Family Journey: Ancient history & Kung Fu Learning: Beijing (2-4 nights)- Luoyang (1-2 nights) - Xian (1-2 nights) - Guilin/Yangshuo/Dragon Backbone Terraced Fields (3-4 nights) - Shanghai (1-2 nights); View this itinerary

China tours for adoptive families: Besides tour to the highlights of Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guilin, we have successfully arranged adoption families to their hometowns such as Nanchang in Jiangxi, Maoming in Guangdong, Qingdao, Nanning in Guangxi, Shihezi in Xinjiang, etc. View details

What our clients say about their family tour to China

Family China Tours" We are back in Seoul and I just wanted to take a moment to write to you and say what a wonderful time we had on our tour in China. My husband and son and I all agreed it was one of our very best vacations ever. Rachel and Cathy were so great and helpful and friendly..." Read More

Family China Tours" The Great Wall was the most memorable attraction we visited, as we loved being outdoors, away from the crowds and hiking. In Shanghai, we enjoyed the TV tower views. In Xi'an, the City Wall and Terracotta Warriors were very exciting to visit...." Read More

Family China Tours"Please be patient and I will get it done as soon as possible. I do want to mention again that William in Beijing is an outstanding asset for China and your Company. Linda in Guilin was also a fantastic an admirable model of what China is about. We feel so fortunate to have known you and them and to have seen the wonders of your country..." Big Family of 15 from America

Family China Tours"Thank you for the follow up. Things are finally settling down for us at our new home, and finally had a moment to reflect on the China experience. It was basically all positive, but I would like to offer some thoughts and pointers, which I’ve organized as pre-trip & during trip..." Big Family of 10 from America

Tips for Traveling with Kids to China

What's the best time for traveling with kids in China?

China is suitable for traveling with kids all year round. In terms of thermal comfort, the best time is spring and autumn. Summer is too hot, while winter is too cold, but February is a good time for kids to participate in the celebration of Chinese New Year and learn about traditional Chinese culture. 

How to plan a trip to China with kids?

Plan your private itinerary with easy pace to avoid tight schedule and fatigue. Find some interesting and kid-friendly places to go and to do, such as parks, playgrounds, zoos, dumpling making, and calligraphy learning for them to run and take a break from the trip.

Do I need to mentally prepare my kids for the trip?

It is very necessary to mentally prepare your kids for the trip. You can ask them what they know and like about China, describe the fun part of the trip, such as visiting the Great Wall, and taking photo with giant panda. Introduce, or better illustrate the places you will visit on the map. Guide your kids to learn about the destinations, and let them involve in the trip planning.

Let kids join in packing

Make a list and ask them to join in packing. Help them think what to bring for their trip to China. Bring along one or two of their favorite toys or stuff, and let them know about it, which will pacify and entertain them during the trip. Bring a change of clothes for change of weather, some common medicines, and mosquito repellent.

Surprise your kids

Kids easily get bored over time. Play games and plan some activities for them, don’t wait after they start to get bored and disgruntled. Prepare some little surprises to give them when you reach a certain destination, to keep them in an anticipating and happy mood. Consider wearing similar clothes or clothes with the same colors, to help your kids recognize and also make them feel fun.


Prepare some food and snacks such as cookies and milk powder, and bring along with you. Bring a thermal mug, so that you can make milk whenever hot water is available.

Excretion Issues

A little forethought is needed when it comes to excretion issues of kids at a very young age. Prepare enough tissues, wet wipes, disposal bags, diapers and changes of clothe.

Take a rest

Spare enough time for your kid to take a rest during the trip. Keep an eye on him/her when at rest. To enhance your kid’s memory about the trip, besides writing a travel diary, you can also buy postcards at each place you visit, and let your kid write or draw whatever he/she wants to regarding the trip.

How to avoid getting lost with your kids?

Prepare a contact card and let your kid carry along. The contact card should list kid’s name, parents’ name, phone number and hotel name of each city you will stay at. Tell your kid to show the contact card to the police if he/she gets lost. A wristband or watch with GPS is convenient for locating your kid. Parents should keep an eye on the kid any time, especially in crowded public places.

What clothes to prepare for kids?

Make sure you bring enough clothes to deal with the change of climate and environment. Always bring a change of clothes for your kids. Prepare for weather changes by dressing in layers. It is necessary to prepare rain-proof clothes and umbrella when traveling in spring and autumn.

Prepare some common medicine for kids.

Before the trip, ask your child’s doctor to prescribe some common medicines for anti-fever, anti-diarrhea, anti-nausea or cold cure, and bring them along with you. Go to the hospital immediately if it is in serious condition.

How to avoid risk during the trip?

During the trip, there might be some places with potential risks that you need to be aware of. On the Great Wall, mind the bricks and stone beside your feet, and don’t stand on the edge to take photos. On the ancient city wall of Xi’an, watch out for electric golf carts and pedestrians when you ride the bike. When you are on water vehicle, like on the Yangtze River cruise, Li River cruise or bamboo raft, take care not to fall into water. Mind the traffic and road condition when you cycle in the countryside of Yangshuo. When you cross the road, walk on zebra crossing and look both sides even the green light is on. Require a car child seat when you use a car during the trip.

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