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Best China Romantic Tours, Luxury Honeymoon Travel Packages and Wedding Anniversary China Vacations

You may be planning a special wedding anniversary or honeymoon. Perhaps a journey to experience a unique culture or a romantic sojourn! Possibly wishing to study a different culture and meet new people. Whatever your desire - whether a traditional Chinese wedding with wedding photos on the Great Wall, Tibetan style wedding celebration in Shangri La by staying in the Banyan Tree Resort or visits to Beijing, Chengdu, Lijiang, Shanghai, Guilin or Hong Kong. Just tell us and we will attend to all details and suggest an itinerary to meet your every request. We are flexible and glad to be able to show you our China in your way.

Couples China Tours" We are back safe and sound in Canada. Thanks again for all the arranging you did on this trip. If you would like to use my name as a reference for other travelers, I'd be happy to give you a good review. Please just give people my name and this email address..." Read More

Couple China Tours" I too really can't say enough about the service or the trip we had. I desperately want to go back. I have an addiction for their food now and am trying really hard to cook some of the delicacies we had, but alas they are truly skilled, and I can't replicate them. 10,000 years of perfecting the same small dishes results in some pretty exceptional eating..." Read More

Couple China Tours" For the WOW factor in our tours, honestly, it was the personal attention from Grace that really made us say, "Wow." One of our favorite memories was getting to go out to dinner with her and her husband. All of her calls checking up on us made us feel like you were really looking out for us and that our trip was going to be amazing up until the very end..." Read More

Active & Romantic China Tour for Couples

Leisure & Romantic for Senior Couples

11 Days Leisure & Romantic China Tour for Senior Couples: Beijing (3 nights): Tianmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and Dragon Boat, Forbidden City Plus Jingshan Park, Hutongs, Great Wall etc. Xian (2 nights): Museum of Terra-Cotta Worries, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Ancient City Wall, the Mosque, Shaanxi History Museum, etc. Yangtze River Cruise (3 nights): Cruise from Chongqing to Yichang and take a flight to Shanghai. Shanghai (2 nights): Nanjing Road, Jade Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, The French Concession, the Bund, etc.View this itinerary

13 Days Romantic China with Good Old Days in Water Town: Hong Kong(2 nights):  Experience the diversity of Hong Kong, etc. Guillin (3 nights): Indulge in romance and relaxation in idyllic Yangshuo, cooking Chinese foods, practicing Chinese calligraphy, cruising through ever-changing karst peaks…etc. Hangzhou/Nanxun (3 nights): Enjoy a boat ride in Nanxun Water Town, watching the performance of traditional wedding ceremony, etc. Huangshan(2nights): experiencing old lifestyle and immersing in Huizhou culture, etc. Shanghai (2 nights): In futuristic Shanghai, discover its colonial past and old secret corners, and admire superb Chinese garden art etc.View this itinerary

14 Days Active & Romantic China Tour for Young Adult Couples: Beijing(3 nights) watch the sunrise on the Great Wall, writing the Chinese characters of “I Love You” in a Chinese calligraphy lesson, etc; Xian(2 nights) visit of Terracotta Warriors at an underground tomb, and make the mini warrior as a special gift to each other, etc; Chengdu(2 nighits) take photos by holding a panda together with your spouse, etc.; Guilin( 4 nights) ride a helicopter for an aerial view of South China Karst scenery, etc.; Hong Kong(2 nights) shopping with your spouse in Hong Kong, etc.View this itinerary

14 Days Romantic Tour of China with a Dash of Adventure in Shangri-La: Beijing(4 nights) enjoying the amazing sunrise & sunset moment at Jinshanling Great Wall, Ride a pedicab through the old town, experience the classic Chinese art of calligraphy at a hutong dwelling, Chengdu(2 nights) get up close to these lovely furry balls-Giant Pandas, discover the culinary delights by cooking Chinese dishes at Sichuan Cuisine Museum; Lijiang(2 nights) explore the ancient towns, snow mountain and one of world’s most beautiful gorges; Shangri-La(2nights) escape to Shangri-La, a remote, romantic land far from world civilization;Kunming(1 night) marvel at Stone Forest, a truly wondrous geological park and part of South China Karst. Shanghai(2 nights) discover an old and modern Shanghai; View this itinerary

15 Days Romantic China Tour from Avatar Peak to Karst Fairyland for Couples: Beijing(3 nights) Ride a helicopter flying over the Great Wall, experience the charm of Chinese paper-cutting art and cut out the "double happiness", etc; Zhangjiajie(3 nights) viewing the “floating” avatar Hallelujah Mountain, walking on Zhangjiajie Glass Bridgeetc; Chengdu(2 nighits) take photos by holding a panda together with your spouse, etc.; Xian( 2 nights) the Eighth Wonder of the World – Terracotta Warriors and Horses, etc.; Guilin(4 nights) Indulge in romance in karst fairyland, floating down picturesque Li River, biking through idyllic countryside, cooking Chinese foods, etc. Shanghai (2 nights) Ride a cool sidecar to explore both the traditional and futuristic, etc.View this itinerary

20 Days Ultimate Romantic China Vacation for Couples: Beijing(3 nights) Highlights of Beijing including Great Wall, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven are some of the most outstanding ones; Pingyao(2 nights) discovering its ancient castle, streets, dwellings and bank of the old times; Xian(2 nights) explore the legendary tomb of Terracotta Warriors and Horses and some Silk Road sites in Xian; Chengdu(3 nights) holding a giant panda, and take care of them as your babies by joining in a panda keeper program; Guilin(3 nights) loat down Li River to discover the unreal, dramatic Karst landscape of Guilin & Yangshuo, visit one of China’s most spectacular terraced fields and encounter the tribes living there; Yangtze Cruise(3 nights) cruise for 3 nights on Yangtze River with access to amazing cultural and natural sites; Shanghai(3 nights) sit on a vintage motorcycle sidecar zigging through the new and old Shanghai, enjoy fun cultural activities like Taiji, Chinese calligraphy, dumpling making, traditional wedding, and stay at luxurious couple-friendly accommodations. View this itinerary

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