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Chengdu Local Cuisine

Chengdu Local Cuisine

A Brief Introduction to the Catering in Chengdu

Sichuan cuisine is one of the eight most famous cuisines in China and it’s various. A saying describes the Sichuan dishes like this, “The dishes are rich in taste and diversity”. In people’s mind, Sichuan food is generally famous for its spicy taste. Sauté, home-cooked, fried and boiled food is characterized by their unique flavors. They are definitely scrumptious! Double-cooked pork slices, fried chicken, duck smoked with tea leaves and steamed fish in soy bean sauce allure the guests with their unique fragrances. The delicious Sichuan dishes have already become popular all around the country. Famous dishes are Mapo tofu, cold dish with eight flavors, duck smoked with tea leaves, sliced meat with crispy rice, pork shreds with fish seasoning, kung pao chicken, hot and sour beef tendon, sauté meat dumplings with pork slices, double-cooked pork slices, diced beef with water flour, stir-fried duck tongues with bamboo shoots, poached sliced beef in hot chili oil, braised Dongpo pork hock with brown sauce, steamed beef with rice flour, boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili, etc.

Yangxixian and Zijin Residential Area are the places where you can taste delicious Sichuan dishes since there are many excellent restaurants scattering around there. Recommended restaurants are Hongxin Restaurant, Da Ronghe, Honghe Weidao (the place where director Zhang Yimou once made the propaganda film for Chengdu) and Mother Zhou and Xiyanghong.


When it comes to Sichuan dishes, there is nothing more famous than hotpot. Characterized by its variety, spicy taste and convenience, hotpot has quickly won over the hearts of the people all over the country. Sichuan hotpots are various; there are dozens of soups of the hotpots; the raw materials for making hotpots defy enumeration. In a word, anything eatable can be boiled or cooked in the hotpots. In recent years, searing hotpot has derived from the traditional hotpots.

Popular traditional hotpot restaurants are Huangcheng Laoma, Shu Jiuxiang, Sanguo Yanyi, Chuanjiang Haozi, Wuding, etc. And the famous special hotpot restaurants are Tianmei Niqiu, San Zhier, Tubaguo and Yiba Gu, etc.

The most popular place for enjoying hotpots is Funan New Developed Area—the special hotpot street. There are dozens of big and small hotpot restaurants scattering there: San Zhier, Kong Liang, Liu Yishou, Gourmet Huang Hopot, Zeng Shiji Loach Hotpot, Zhaolao Goose Sausage Hotpot, Baba Yan Duck Sausage Hotpot, Abalone Hotpot, Kaiyuan Delicious Hotpot, etc. There is also chicken and bamboo shoots hotpot, sliced pork and radish soup hotpot, shrimps hotpot, dainties of every kind hotpot, frog hotpot, etc.