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Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling is the best-known and most visited section of the Great Wall that runs across the northern part of Beijing. It is connected to Beijing by the Badaling Expressway. This part of the Great Wall was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1744) and it was also the first section of the Great Wall to be opened to tourists. During the preceding Yuan Dynasty it was known as the “North Mountain Pass”. The peak of Badaling is about 1,015 meters above sea level.

The Badaling section of the Great Wall is the quintessential and most outstanding part of the Ming Great Wall. Its strategic position, fame, and gorgeous scenery are unrivalled by other sections of the Great Wall. In 1961, the State Council listed the Badaling Great Wall as “the first precious cultural relic unit under state protection” in China. In 1990, it was named a World Cultural Heritage Site by the United Nations.

Those who have seen the Badaling section of Great Wall acclaim it as the peak of perfection. Over 80 million people have visited, including many dignitaries and celebrities such as President Richard Nixon, President Ronald Reagan, Mrs. Thatcher, and other recent world leaders. Every year, Badaling receives over 500, 000 visitors from inside and outside China. It has become a tourist icon for people fond of travelling.

In addition, the China Great Wall Museum and China Great Wall Cinema were both founded at this site, providing an opportunity to learn more of the history and reality of this remarkable site. It should also be noted that Badaling and the Badaling Expressway were the sites of the finishing circuit of the Urban Road Cycling Course during the 2008 Summer Olympics.