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Our story: Grace & Morgen

Morgen and Grace at China Culture Tour

"As passionate culturists, we are deeply proud of our nation’s brilliant ancient civilization, unique cultural heritage, gorgeous landscape, and mostly, our intelligent, friendly people.  We understand the value of diversity, and feel it our responsibility to introduce authentic Chinese arts and culture to the world tourists."

Back in the summer of 1986 an elderly American couple, typically tall with blue eyes and high-bridged noses, set foot on Xiacun, a small village 20 minutes drive from Yangshuo and where Morgen Mo, the founder of China Culture Tour, was born. With backpacks and a tripod (which looked very strange to the local people at that time, they had no idea it was a camera), they were found behind the back door of Mo's house, which was built from sun-dried mud bricks, taking photos. Although they could not understand what the strangers were saying, Mo's families somehow realized that they were actually asking permission to take pictures.

Taken aback, Mo's families simply could not figure out why the couple was so attracted to such a house. The child Mo naturally felt a combination of fear and shyness. After taking photos of the house from different angles, the couple communicated with Mo's families through friendly gestures, asking permission to visit the house. Mo's families responded with equal friendliness and sincerity. Meanwhile, the couple had attracted a bunch of people who wanted to see what was going on.

At noon, the couple gestured to ask whether they could have lunch in the house. Eventually, Mo's parents treated the visitors to the best dishes that they could cook. When lunch was served Mo, still shy and blushing, shared the meal with them. It turned out that the couple had a great time with Mo's families. After the meal Mo's mother said to him, "We are treating them like our friends. Our great hospitality is what makes them happy in our house."

When the couple had gone, Mo's parents told him, "If only you would learn English in future, so that you can communicate with foreign friends." Later, Mo majored in English during his four years' study in college. After his graduation in 2004, Mo devoted himself to the tourist industry, and discovered that he was totally fascinated by travel. He toured around China, accumulating rich experiences that have since helped him create travel itineraries for his customers.

At work Mo met his beloved wife, Grace, who comes from the ancient city of Xi'an. She was an expert in tailor making China tour itineraries, the exact thing that Mo had been engaged in. Sharing a common aspiration, they co-founded a website entitled China Culture Tour, with the focus on tailor making China travel itineraries for tourists to China. Since its establishment, the website and our service have been praised and endorsed by a number of foreign traveler friends.

Morgen Mo

This is our story. We believe that it is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. We will always treat our customers with sincerity, and as friends no matter where they are from.

Here, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the couple mentioned in the story; to Ms. Lu Hui who is now living in the U.S. and Douglas who is pursuing his postgraduate study in GDUFS for their translation; to Dan and Lise from the U.S. for their proofreading and travel tips; to Barry from Australia for his marketing strategies; to Long Bao from Australia for his efforts in exploring itineraries in China, and to Miriam from Germany for his publicity work. An ocean of thanks also goes to our customers for the trust they place in us and their substantial orders.