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Sanya Travel Seasons

Sanya Travel Seasons

The Peak Season of Tourism

The best time for traveling to Sanya is between September and December and from January to April.

In Sanya, it’s comfortable in autumn and winter. Winter is the best time for traveling to the seaside. In winter, although it is cold, you can still put on your bathing suit and sand sandals, while walking along the beach or immersing yourself in a swim. You can also have some tropical fruits while enjoying the romance that the sand and sea have to offer.

Every December, the International Wedding Festival is held in Sanya. It is generally held in monumental and beautiful places such as Tianya Haijiao making any trip an unforgettable experience.
If you come to visit Sanya in the third day of the third month or the ninth day of the ninth month in Chinese lunar calendar, you can see folk dance performances that can’t be easily seen at other times. You can also take part in the various festivities.

Tips: During this time hotels are often packed and difficult to reserve rooms due to the peak of tourists. If you favor a quiet environment and are not ready for high travel expenses, you should avoid the peak season.

 Regular Season of Tourism

You can travel to Sanya any time of the year. The tourism industry booms year round without obvious division of peak and slack seasons. It’s only in summer and around the National Holiday that it has a regular season.

The hottest month in Sanya is June, with an average temperature of 28.5℃ and sometimes an extreme one of 35.7℃. In summer, Sanya is easily influenced by monsoon and sometimes even typhoons. In spite of this, many travelers still choose Sanya as their summer resort regardless of the potential bad weather. When it’s affected by the bad weather, the prices of hotel rooms will drop a little bit and the number of visitors will be smaller.