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Sanya Cuisine

Sanya Cuisine

Sanya is the main tourist city in Hainan and is the place where you can enjoy the most delicious Hainan delicacies.

The Four Famous Dishes in Hainan

The four famous dishes of Hainan are as followed:Wenchang chicken, Jiaji duck, Dongshan mutton and Hele crab.

Famous Seafood

One thing that you can’t miss in Sanya is its seafood. Fish, shrimps, shells and crabs are definitely worth a shot. The popular seafood cuisines are steamed sea-urchins, steamed seaweeds, small abalones, lobsters (eating them rare), porridge with sea crabs, deep-fried edible mantis shrimp with spicy salt, steamed sea bass and steamed humphead wrasse.

Tropical Fruits Banquet

Tropical fruits are available year round in Sanya at cheap prices. You can pay 3-5 RMB for a coconut and drink by holding it in your hands. Mangos, papayas, durians, wax apples, mini bananas, dragon fruits, jackfruits, litchis and mangosteens can be found everywhere. In Sanya, you can drink more fruits juice because they are the best drinks for quenching thirst.

The Delicacies of the Li and Miao Minority Group

Bamboo-steamed rice of the Li ethnic minority and five-color steamed rice of the Miao ethnic minority

There are three flavors of the bamboo-steamed rice: salty steamed rice, steamed rice with black beans and game steamed rice. The game steamed rice is strongly recommended because the meat is preserved in fragrant wine. The Miao people dye the rice corns with the black, red, green and yellow coloring matters that are made from mulberry leaves and steam them together with white rice.

The Nanshan Vegetable Dishes

As the special food in the Nanshan Culture Tourist District, the Nanshan vegetable dishes are quite famous. Its famous dishes are deep-fried slices of eels in sesame oil, braising weever and sautéed funguses. The best place for you to enjoy vegetable dishes is Chanyue Yuan. The environment there is comfortable.