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Kungfu and hiking in Shaolin

Mount Song (which means lofty mountain), located in western Henan Province, is known as one of the five greatest mountains in China. Consisting of Shaoshi Mountain and Taishi Mountain, it covers 450 square kilometers and stretches over 60 kilometers. Its highest peak, Liantian Peak, rises 1512 meters above sea level. To the east lies Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, and to its west is Luoyang. To its south is Yingshui and its north is the Yellow River. As the cradle of the ancient Chinese civilization, it has many places of interest and been placed on the list of world cultural heritage sites. There, you can watch and practice authentic martial arts. Many Buddhist pagodas there never fails to attract visitors. Also, you can go hiking there, which can be challenging yet rewarding.

Tour Itinerary of Kungfu and hiking in Shaolin

Tour Itinerary of Kungfu and hiking in Shaolin

Day 1: You’ll arrive in Luoyang to visit the world heritage site called Longmen Grottoes. You’ll take an open air bus to the entrance and walk for about 2-3 hours while enjoying the sculptures on the cliff. You can choose to visit 2-3 famous sights within 1.5 hours if you don’t want to take the long walk. You can take a dragon boat to receive an overview of the whole masterpiece. After lunch you’ll enjoy lingering on the Old City of Luoyang scattered with old shops, workshops like Old sewing shops, the shroud shops, family restaurants, among others. You can also visit a paper cutting master’s workshop and learn the skills.

Luxury Hotels in Luoyang: Christian's Hotel, Lee Royal Hotel Mudu or similar

Tour Itinerary of Kungfu and hiking in Shaolin

Day 2: You’ll ride about 1.5 hours to a martial arts school and learn Chinese Kongfu for an hour after visiting the school. After, you’ll ride to the Shaolin Temple and walk about 10 minutes to wath a martial arts performance. Later, you’ll walk about 5 minutes to visit temples with some upwards steps, then continue walking about 5 minutes to visit the Forest of Stupas Pagoda Forest. After, you’ll ride for about 10-20 minutes to take a cable car up to the Songshan Mountain, hike for 2-3 hours to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, and have a picnic lunch. Later, you’ll take a cable car down and drive back to your hotel in the afternoon.

Tour Itinerary of Kungfu and hiking in Shaolin

Day 3: After breakfast you’ll take a bullet train or flight to your next destination.

Meals: breakfast included in the hotel, fine local restaurants for lunch or dinner upon your request

  • Note: If you visit Luoyang during mid to late April it will be perfect to attend the annual Peony Flower Festival. Thousands of peony flowers bloom and people nationwide rush there to take beautiful pictures.

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