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Huangshan Travel Tips

Huangshan Travel Tips

Due to historical reasons, three similar names came into being after the founding of the city, particularly the City of Huangshan (Tunxi), Huangshan District (Taiping County) and Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou). It’s necessary for you to distinguish the three names below:

The City of Huangshan was called Huizhou in the past. It is called Tunxi today, it’s the political and cultural center of the whole city. It is also the south gate into the city.

Huangshan District was originally called Taiping County. It is to the northern part of the Huangshan Scenic Area, and the northern gate of the city.

Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkou), commonly referred to visitors as home to Mt. Huang. When you buy bus tickets to Huangshan, you should know where you should know where to get off at first. The distance between Huangshan and Huangshan Scenic Area is as long as 70 kilometers.

Tips for Traveling in Winter

Preferential Tickets: Winter sight-seeing starts from December to February each year. During this time, ticket prices drop from 230 RMB to 150 RMB. The ticket price of cable cars drop down from 80 RMB to 65 RMB. Also, you can enjoy at least 30% discount in checking in the hotels.

Landscape: When it comes to seas of clouds, there are a total of five areas that can be appreciated. They are as followed: Yuping Mansion in the south, Qingliang Terrace in the north, Paiyun Pavilion in the west, Bai’e Peak in the east and Guangming Peak.

The best time to see seas of clouds in Huangshan is from November to December and from January to March. As cold air from the north influences Huangshan, it rains and snows a lot there, making Huangshan rich in vapor. Seas of clouds usually form after it rains and snows. Most of the seas of clouds are as high as 1,000 meters. On sunny days, if the wind is weak, seas of clouds can linger as long as three days.

Snowscape, icy branches, sunrise, frosted pine trees and glazed frost also have a lot to offer.