Chengzhi Hall Introduction

Chengzhi Hall

Nora Zheng
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Located in the picturesque Hongcun Village, Chengzhi Hall is the most outstanding among the 140 well-preserved ancient houses. A wealthy Huizhou salt merchant Wang Dinggui established Chengzhi Hall in 1855 to accommodate his two wives and the big family. Inside the ancient houses, visitors can appreciate splendid woodcarvings on the beams and columns.

It is said that more than 20 caving artists spent 4 years finishing the luxurious handicraft wood works, which was gilded with about 5 kilograms of gold. With these exquisite wood carvings, numerous figures, and people and gods of different faces, Chengzhi Hall has the reputation of "Little Folk Forbidden City". After visiting this hall, one would conclude that Hongcun Village has major differences from others because its well-preserved ancient houses blend harmoniously with brilliant woodcarving works.

Nora Zheng

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