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Hangzhou Travel Tips

Hangzhou Travel Tips

In the surrounding of hundreds of scenic spots, it is born to travel for people going to Hangzhou. If you go to some remote scenic spots but you know some tips, it will be better for your travel.

1. When you are traveling in the Longjing County, you may meet elder women currying favor with you. For one condition, she will introduce you tea leaves. It is up to you to buy if you don’t care too much about the price and are expert in tea leaves. For the other, she will invite you to taste farm-flavored food. You can try according to you own taste.

2. Clime in the Shili Langdang (Longjing County to Landang Mountain): Get down on the station of Longjing Tea House by NO.27 bus and walk to NO.358 family, Longjing County and then go forward to NO.183 family on the cement road after seeing the sign of “Shili Langdang” . After that, there is a dirt road waiting for you. This road was built along the mountain with stone steps from the foot to the peak. According to the local villagers said that this is the real Langdang Mountain.

After a rest, while advancing, you will meet three way forks in the road; the left is to Wuyun Mountain and the right is to Meijiawu where you can drink tea and have a taste of family dishes. It is worth noticing that you can go to Xiaoyawu from the right direction of Wenbi Mountain. Xiaoyawu was originally a tea ground but now is developed into a tea house with fresh air and beautiful scenery.

You can take Line 4 to go back. But you should be careful to walk on the road from Wenbi Mountain to Xiaoyawu as it is newly built and some part may be very steep.