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7-8 Days Wild Guilin Discovery Tour

Are you a student or group of students? Are you young and energetic? Are you fond of outdoor sport? If so, you will be interested in the itinerary especially made for you. Three hours round way hiking between Ping An Village and Ancient Zhuang Ethnic Minority Village and about 4-6 hours hiking in the terraced fields between Ping An Village and Dazhai Village where you can enjoy the ancient villages and the prodigious fields. You will be in close contact with the beauty of Li River by trekking about 4-6 hours from Yangdi Pier to the ancient town of Xingping along the river and about 2 hours drifting in Longjing River accompanied by exciting, short kayaking on the branch of Li River from Fuli ancient town to Liugong village enjoying the crystal and peaceful water. Also 3 hours biking around the countryside in Yangshuo where you can enjoy the country sights, Moon Hill climbing, Mud bath, rock climbing, Chinese Kungfu learning and experience the sleepless night of so the called Global Village-Yangshuo.

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Wild Guilin Discovery Tour: The Most Beautiful Places in Guilin Area

Day 1: Guilin/Longji - Arrive at Guilin airport, be met and escorted to PingAn Village in Longji Dragon’s Back Bone, after checking into your guesthouse, have a welcome dinner to explain the tour itinerary and attractions. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet night on the mountain.

Hotel in Dragon’s Back Bone recommended: Li-An Lodge (luxury boutique five rated, nice located in PingAn Village, only several rooms), Longji One Hotel (boutique hotel, only several rooms, nice location in PingAn Village) or Star Wish Resort (standard boutique, fair price, nice hotel in PingAn Village)

  • The hotel is located inside the scenic area, a public bus is arranged to take all tourists from the gate up the mountain, the ride on hilly roads lasts for about 10 minutes. Then you will need to walk with your guide to get to the hotel in the mountain, it takes about another 10-20 minutes. The baggage will be carried by local farmers (fee is included in quotation).
  • Hotels in Longsheng County are usually built with wood, wood floors and walls don’t promise soundproof functions.
  • Bring anti bugs and mosquito repellant and an electric torch because you will be in the villages.
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Day 2: Longji/PingAn/Ancient Zhuang Village - In the morning, you climb to the top to view the sight of the Seven Beauties. These seven small terraced fields look like seven small stars surrounding the big terraced field that looks like the late moon. Continue hiking for about 3 hours return trip between Ping An village and Ancient Zhuang Ethnic Minority Village, hiking on the rough road among the fields. You can see smoke, wind and rain bridges and you will walk around the historic village that is more than 430 years old, learning its history and culture, eating with a local family before trekking back to your guesthouse in Ping An Village. Enjoy a quiet and peaceful night accompanied by the song of the insects.

  1. 1. A small backpack is necessary for the 4-6 hours hiking.
  2. 2. Some quick-dry shirts, comfortable shoes, sun block and some chocolate and candies.
  3. 3. Bring some Anti mosquito products and electric torch because you will be in the mountain.

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Day 3: Longji/Dazhai Village - If you are travelling during summer, an early get up is much better to avoid the heat. Start the 4-6 hours hiking in the early morning; smoke, fog, terraced fields, villages, mountains, green and white gets in your eyes, enjoy the gorgeous and huge terraced fields around Daizhai Village. After local lunch, climb up to some scenic view spots to enjoy the beautiful sights. Enjoy a quite night in Dazhai Village by staying in a local guesthouse.

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Day 4: Dazhai Village/Li River/Xingping - Climb up to to view the sunrise if you like, before a private transfer from Dazhai Village to Yangdi Pier. Start the 4-6 hours hike along the Li River that is filled with surprises and beautiful sights along the road; smoke, green hills, reflections, crystal water, farmers, buffalos, fisherman, oranges, kumquats and grapefruit etc. if you are tired, choose an optional tour by bamboo rafting down to the Ancient Xingping town. After a late lunch, go to climb the Laozhai Mountain (means old village mountain), with steep steps which takes about 25 minutes up and 20 minutes down. Here you can have a bird’s eye view of the sunset over the Li River, scattered with the small and tall hills and small villages. Enjoy a swimming in the Li River, after a farmhouse dinner, enjoy a quiet and beautiful night accompanied by the songs of the worms and the flow of the river.

  • frolic is forbidden on the bamboo rafting and lifejacket must be put on
  • guesthouse is quite different from rated hotels, simply but with air-conditioner and hot water
  • deep water area is forbidden, deep zone is for bidden while swimming in the Li River
  • you should get down from the Laozhai Mountain before 7pm because of the steep steps
Picturesque & Rustic Guilin by Hiking & Kayaking

Day 5: Xingping - Get up early for the breathtaking sunrise tour, trekking for about 20 minutes crossing two sections of the river, experience the cool of the water and the slipperiness of the riverbed. Climb up to the scenic view spot on a winding trail before sunrise and have a bird’s eye view of the Li River. If you are lucky enough, you can view the foggy and sunny peaks and the river. Get down and hike about 30 minutes through the villages and through some orchards. Enjoy picking up some grapefruits, oranges and Chinese wampee fruit, etc. On route back to your guesthouse, take a rest or transfer to Longjing River for the about 2 hours of drifting. You will be relaxing or screaming with excitement. Back to your room and enjoy a swimming in the river besides the guesthouse.

  • Take care of security while drifting in the Longjing River, learn to keep the balance of the boat and put on a helmet.
  • The scenic view spot is steep, please mind your steps there while enjoying the sight.
Picturesque & Rustic Guilin by Hiking & Kayaking

Day 6: Xingping/Yangshuo - Take a 20 minutes bamboo raft to the scenic spot named Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal (the hills afar form huge flagstones and reflects in the wide river before the sunrise) before the sunrise, where you can enjoy the real beauty of the Li River. Back to your room and have a rest if you feel sleepy, prepare for the kayaking in the afternoon. Then drive to your hotel in Yangshuo-the so called Global Village in the world. Shuttle back and forth in the night of People Mountain People Sea (means very crowded) and the bars.

Hotels in Yangshuo recommended: Mountain Retreat (Guesthouse but good service, excellent location beside the Yulong River, about 20 minutes driving away from Yangshuo downtown); Banyan Tree Fuli (luxury boutique, about 30 minutes driving away from Yangshuo downtown, excellent location beside the Li River); Green Lotus (4 rated hotel, good location with about 5 minutes walking to the Yangshuo Downtown); Secret Garden (boutique hotel, only several rooms, about 20minutes driving from Yangshuo downtown, located in Jiuxian Village)

  •  Tips: Kayaking is not permitted if you cannot swim.
  • Picturesque & Rustic Guilin by Hiking & Kayaking

    Day 7: Yangshuo - Take a bike tour in morning to Yangshuo Park, climb up to the top of the Bilianfeng and get a bird’s eye view of Yangshuo. Bike along the Yulong River, enjoy the sights around it and enjoy the beautiful countryside. Climb up to the top of Moon Hill {about 30 minutes} and have an overview of the rural scenery. You can choose to try the rock climbing or choose to take a mud bath, etc. Then back to your hotel and have a lunch. Attend a Chinese Kungfu Class in the afternoon, for self-defense and to keep fit. Enjoy the night with Guilin beers in a nosy or quiet bar.

  • Tips: as it is crowded in the bars, mind your valuables and safety, avoid any body conflicts or fights.
  • Highlights of Featured Guilin

    Day 8: Yangshuo/Guilin Airport - Transfer or take an open air electric bus from your hotel to the bus station for the airport transfer, here service ends. The bus will drive you to the Guilin airport without any stop en route.

    • There are physical activities, so you are must be healthy to take this adventure tour
    • More quick drying clothes, comfortable shoes and socks
    • Bring sunscreen, rain gears, anti-mosquito bite, electric torch, etc.
    • Bring some chocolates and candies to supplement energy

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