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3-5 Days Highlights of Featured Guilin

The Longji terraced field showcases their unique charm with the change of seasons. If you intend to have a glimpse of the local lifestyle, you can simply saunter deep into the ancient wood buildings of the Zhuang ethnic group. The ancient stilted buildings are constructed around the mountains. If looked at from the distance, you will feel as if they were hung on the waist of the mountain that resembles the shape of a dragon. And the villages are encompassed by the surrounding terraced fields that overlap with one another. This is the northern part of Guangxi, known as the origin of the Zhuang ethic group who are also the representatives of the stone inscription culture. Everything here is simple yet brimming with antique beauty. Among all the ancient wood buildings in the village, seven have a history of over hundreds of years, the oldest one enjoying a history of over 150 years. If you start from Guilin on a cruise, it will take you four hours or so to get to Yangshuo, the earth village. All along the way, you will be able to see the picturesque landscapes and the unique karst rock formations. Having a stroll along bustling West street, you can fully experience the international aspect of Yangshuo and there is nothing more attractive than the tranquil beauty that this small town has to offer.

Guilin Terraced Fields and Guilin Tours

Highlights of Featured Guilin: Longji Terrace Fields, Li River & Yangshuo

Day 1: Guilin/Longji - Welcome to Guilin! Guilin airport is a small one, there are only a few steps of walking to the arrival hall at the baggage claim, you will see your personal guide smiling and holding your name sign. Together you will take the private, air-conditioned vehicle back to your hotel in Dragon’s Back Bone Terraces. The drive takes about 2 hours.

Hotel in Dragon’s Back Bone recommended: Li-An Lodge (luxury boutique five rated, nice located in PingAn Village, only several rooms), Longji One Hotel (boutique hotel, only several rooms, nice location in PingAn Village) or Star Wish Resort (standard boutique, fair price, nice hotel in PingAn Village)

  • The hotel is located inside the scenic area, a public bus is arranged to take all tourists from the gate up the mountain and the ride on the hilly roads lasts for about 10 minutes. Then you will need to walk with your guide to get to the hotel in the mountain, it takes about another 10-20 minutes. The baggage will be carried by local farmers (fee is included in quotation).
  • Hotels in Longsheng County are usually built with wood, wood floors and walls that don’t promise soundproof functions.
Guilin Terraced Fields and Guilin Tours

Day 2: Longji/Guilin - Do not be surprised if you are woken up by roosters crowing. Try the fresh rural breakfast, start the hike with your personal guide from your hotel towards ancient Zhuang village. The hike lasts for about two to three hours depending on your pace. The winding path in the terraced rice fields will lead you up and down and you will see farmers working, buffaloes plowing and pumps irrigating, all forming a harmonious rural picture. The destination of ancient Zhuang village is regarded as the oldest, best-preserved and largest collection of hanging wooden buildings in Guangxi, among them, there are five with an age of more than 100 years. Lunch is arranged at a fine local restaurant to try specialties such as bamboo rice etc. After lunch, the driver will meet you at the parking lot and together you will head for Guilin city, the drive takes about two hours.

Hotels in Guilin recommended: Shangri La Guilin (luxury five star rated but about a 10 minute drive away from the downtown), Sheraton Hotel (five star rated, old but good location in downtown) ; Bravo Hotel (4 star rated, nice location in downtown). If you are traveling with kids you can choose Med Club (kids can enjoy the facilities and surroundings but it’s a 40 minute drive from the downtown).

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Day 3: Guilin/Yangshuo - Rise early to have a big breakfast, your guide and driver are ready to take you to the cruise pier for today’s highlight--- the Li River cruise. In 40 minutes you will get to the pier, your guide will be with you on the ship for the whole time, highlighting all the scenic spots. The two-storey ship runs at a medium pace and offers an open deck for taking pictures. Along the river, there are the different shapes of Karst Mountain, rice fields and bamboos, once in a while, you also see buffaloes soaking in the water when it is hot. The ship gets to Yangshuo pier around one p.m. depending on the season and buffet lunch is included on the ship. You will wander in the many shop stands for about 10-15 minutes to get to your hotel.

After a short break at the hotel, your guide will help you choose the right bikes for a ride in the countryside. “Country road, take me home, to the place, I belong” You may want to sing it out loud when biking on the country roads, fresh air kisses your face and hair and green fields and fruit trees are everywhere. Now you can say that you have been to Guilin after taking a bike ride!

Hotels in Yangshuo recommended: Mountain Retreat (Guesthouse but good service, excellent location beside the Yulong River, about 20 minutes driving away from Yangshuo downtown); Banyan Tree Fuli (luxury boutique, about 30 minutes driving away from Yangshuo downtown, excellent location beside the Li River); Green Lotus (4 rated hotel, good location with about 5 minutes walking to the Yangshuo Downtown); Secret Garden (boutique hotel, only several rooms, about 20minutes driving from Yangshuo downtown, located in Jiuxian Village)

  1. Your baggage will be on the vehicle and the driver will drive to the Yangshuo hotel. Just keep the most valuable items and your passport with you.
  2. The buffet lunch on the ship is simple and not many options are available. We suggest that you have a big breakfast and take an early dinner.
  3. Only the Green Lotus hotel is a minute walking from the West Street in Yanshuo, other hotels take about 20-30 minutes’ drive
Highlights of Featured Guilin

Day 4: Yangshuo/Guilin Airport - Get up early to avoid the crowds, you will take a bamboo raft on the quiet and steady Yulong River. The two-seat bamboo raft floats slowly under the boatman’s steering. The hills ahead and around you form a wide open picture, the water is clear and clean enough to see fish chasing one another. A few bumps across the River are set to make the quiet rafting more interesting, sit tight and enjoy!

After the rafting, you will be escorted to Guilin airport directly; the ride takes about three hours. Your guide will help you with the flight check-in and see you off at the security gate.

Guilin Highlights Tour

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