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Hakka World Cultural and Natural Heritage Journey

A leisurely bike ride will take you on a journey of exploring what this coastal city has to offer. You can visit Wuyi Mountain, a world natural and historical heritage site, to see the ancient city walls and the cliff inscriptions and to have a glimpse of the religion and tea culture there. What’s more, the world-renowned Dahongpao tea and the Danxia landform will never disappoint you. After arriving at Longyan, you will be able to see the ancient buildings of the Hakka people, made of mud-dried bricks, solid enough to sustain earthquakes and fires. They also have sound ventilation and lighting systems and can be be used for defense purposes, enabling the local people to enjoy a warm winter and a cool summer. The structure of the buildings also reflects the time-honored tradition cherished by the Hakka people, who value solidarity and love in human relationship.

Hakka World Cultural and Natural Heritage Journey

Xiamen, Hakka Earthen Buildings and Wuyi Mountain Journey

Day 1: Xiamen - Upon your arrival in Xiamen, meet your personal guide at the airport arrival hall, then take the private, air-conditioned vehicle to the hotel. A short afternoon tour follows to visit South Putuo Temple and take a leisure bike ride along Huandao Road. South Putuo Temple was built in Tang Dynasty and has become famous as a Buddhist Temple. It sits in front of Wulao Peaks and is surrounded by the sea, climb up high to enjoy the great views of rolling waves. Then take a bike ride on the 60-meter wide Huandao Road. The Road is built with the aim of “seeing sea and leaving the best beach for the locals,” it promises the best views from Huandao Road. You will ride past military piers, old traditional districts and famed Xiamen University. Across the sea you can see Gulangyu Island.

Hotels recommended: luxury hotels - Seaview Resort Xiamen, Hotel Indigo Xiamen Harbor, Sheraton Xiamen Hotel, The Westin Xiamen, or similar;

Hakka World Cultural and Natural Heritage Journey

Day 2: Xiamen/Yongding/Xiamen - Hakka Earthen Buildings are unique in architecture style and could only be seen in Fujian province, it is worth the three hour single way journey to see them with your own eyes. Get up early and head for Yongding County to see the earthen buildings there. The buildings are usually in round or square shapes, four to five stories high, with enough rooms to store food, cook food and keep cattle for a big family of at least four generations. Apart from its defensive function, earthen buildings are also fireproof, shock proof and can keep animals outside. All these functions contributed to earthen buildings’ designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008. You can take a look at more rooms inside the buildings; you can also climb up the hill behind the buildings and take pictures over the buildings. They just look like four plates of dishes surrounding a bowl of soup. Lunch is arranged in a nearby restaurant.

Hakka World Cultural and Natural Heritage Journey

Day 3: Xiamen/Wuyi Mountain by air - Get up early and check out the hotel, today you will fly to Wuyishan city and visit Mt. Wuyi. A new tour guide and driver in Wuyishan city will meet you at the airport and take care of you for the Wuyishan tour portion. Mount Wuyi is a famous mountain related to three religions - Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The highlights for today are: A thread of sky, Waterfall Cave, Dahongpao Tea Tree, and Huxiao Rock. A lot of walking is involved in the mountains, but the green trees, clear rivers and fresh air make it all worthwhile. Stay at the best local hotel at the foot of Wuyi Mountain.

Hakka World Cultural and Natural Heritage Journey

Day 4: Mountain Wuyi/Xiamen - Get up early to see more highlights of Mt. Wuyi. Tianyou Peak, with a height of 408 meters, offers a great position to view the mist and clouds shrouding the valley, just like flying through heaven. Then you will take a picturesque and relaxing bamboo rafting trip on the quiet Nine-Bend River. The mountains, green trees, blue sky and white clouds reflect on the clean river, forming a colorful picture. You will also visit the oldest temple in Mt. Wuyi, Wuyi Temple before being escorted back to the airport. Your guide and driver in Xiamen will meet you again and transfer you back to the hotel.

Hakka World Cultural and Natural Heritage Journey

Day 5: Xiamen - Today is a full day on Gulangyu Island. You will get on a ferry, in about 5 minutes you reach Gulangyu Island. Due to historical reasons, there are architectures of different styles remaining on the island, winning Gulangyu Island the name of International Architecture Exhibition. It takes about 40 minutes to walk from one end of the island to the other end; however there are numerous interesting shops and stands that you want to stop and take a look, or have a bite. You can walk in the busy street or find a quiet corner, listen to what the old dwelling tells you. The main attractions on the island are Sun Light Rock, Shuzhuang Garden and Piano Museum etc.

Hakka World Cultural and Natural Heritage Journey

Day 6: Xiamen - Your guide and driver will meet you at the hotel lobby and escort you to the airport for next destination.

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