Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

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The Year of the Rabbit is one of the 12-year cycles of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Rabbit is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol 卯. People born within these date ranges can be said to have been born in the "Year of the Rabbit", while also bearing the following elemental sign:

Dates for Rabbit Years

Rabbit Years Date Element
2035February 8, 2035 - January 27, 2036
Green Rabbit
2023 January 22, 2023 – February 9, 2024 Water Rabbit
2011 February 3, 2011 – January 22, 2012 Gold Rabbit
1999 February 16, 1999 – February 4, 2000 Earth Rabbit
1987 January 29, 1987 – February 16, 1988 Fire Rabbit
1975 February 11, 1975 – January 30, 1976 Wood Rabbit
1963 January 25, 1963 – February 12, 1964 Water Rabbit
1951 February 6, 1951 – January 26, 1952 Gold Rabbit
1939 February 19, 1939 – February 7, 1940 Earth Rabbit

Lucky Color of the Rabbit

Red: the lucky color for the rabbit in 2023 is red.

Red has always meant auspiciousness, vitality, and enthusiasm. If people who belong to rabbits use red more in 2023, they can enhance their luck and self-confidence. People who belong to the zodiac of the rabbit are low-key and modest people, even a little unconfident because if people who belong to the rabbit wear more red clothes their lives, they will make you look more sunny and optimistic. Be more confident, you will have more good luck, and it can also enhance your self-confidence, make you more active in life, and your whole person's spirit will be much better, and it will also enable you to be with others in life. When people get along, you will no longer be so rigid, you will know how to express your own ideas, and you will be appreciated by others.

Green: green is also the lucky color for the rabbit in 2023.

The auspicious color or the lucky color of the zodiac rabbit in 2023 is green, which is also a color full of vigor and vigor. Green belongs to wood among the five elements. In 2023, rabbits can choose to wear more green clothes and consider green accessories, such as green agate pendants, emerald rings, and so on. You can also place more green plants in your home life so that your career, wealth, relationship, and health fortune will become smoother and your life will be more comfortable and comfortable.

Taboo Colors: The taboo colors for Rabbit in 2023 are black and gray.

Rabbit people must avoid black in 2023 because the taboo color for rabbit people is actually black. Gray will make them framed in their careers. They may be colleagues who get along day and night, or they may be good partners they think. Once this happens, the Rabbit people will be hit hard, they will even start to doubt life, and then the whole person will become quite depressed. If you want to avoid this situation, you must try to avoid black as much as possible. In terms of outfits, you can choose bright colors.

The origin of the rabbit zodiac, why does the rabbit rank fourth among the 12 zodiac signs?

The rabbit is the fourth in the Chinese zodiac. It belongs to "Mao" with the twelve earthly dominance, so the "Mao" time among the twelve hours of the day from 5:00 am to 7:00 am, is also called "rabbit time".

Speaking of the rabbit as the zodiac, there is an interesting folk legend about the "rabbit and ox race".

According to legend, the rabbit and the ox are neighbors. They get along well and call each other brothers. Scalpers live by hard work, rabbits live by being clever and capable, and they all live well.

One day, the rabbit who was good at long-distance running showed off in front of the ox: "I am the long-distance running champion in the animal world, and no one can outrun me!" Innate qualities cannot be learned by learning. Besides, long-distance running makes you light and light, and with your thick body, I am afraid you will never be able to run fast."

The scalper's heart was half-cooled by the rabbit's words, but he was not convinced. From then on, the scalper began to practice long-distance running. With strong and indomitable strength, the scalper finally developed a pair of "iron feet". With a raised tail and four hooves like the wind, he never tires for days and nights.

On the day when the Jade Emperor arranges the zodiac, according to the rules, whoever arrives first will be the zodiac. The scalper and the rabbit made an agreement that the rooster would get up as soon as it crowed, and go straight to the Heavenly Palace to compete for the Chinese zodiac.

The rooster crowed for the first time, and when the scalper got up, the rabbit had already run away alone. The rabbit ran for a while, turned around, but there was no sign of any animal. The rabbit thought to himself, I got up the earliest today, and I ran the fastest when I woke up after I fell asleep. The first name of this zodiac must be me. So it fell asleep on the grass.

Although the ox was lagging behind, with his tenacious endurance and iron feet, he worked hard and ran to the Tiangong first while the rabbit was still sleeping soundly.

The rabbit was awakened by the sound of hurried footsteps. When he opened his eyes, it turned out that the tiger ran past like a gust of wind. Now the rabbit was in a hurry and chased after him. Unfortunately, he was a step too slow, and he still fell behind the tiger. Because there was an opportunistic little mouse squatting between the horns of the cow, the rabbit only ranked fourth, and the top three were the mouse, the cow, the tiger, and the rabbit.

In Chinese culture, the rabbit is a symbol of longevity, good luck, and prosperity. It is also said to be gentle, sensitive, and compassionate. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are said to be elegant, charming, and sensitive. They are also said to be hardworking and good at saving money.

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