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China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center Dujiangyan Base, also known as "Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base", is located in Shiqiao Village, Qingchengshan Town, 18 kilometers south of Dujiangyan City and 55 kilometers northwest of Chengdu.

The base, adjacent to Qingcheng Mountain in the north and Chuanxi Jiezi Ancient Town in the south, has a suitable climate and natural environment for giant pandas to live in. Currently, there are a total of 170 giant pandas. There are large lawns and a large area of bamboo forest trails in the base, with fresh air and beautiful natural environment.

In the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, the giant panda enclosure, scientific research facilities and equipment in Wolong Base of China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center were severely damaged. On October 10, 2008, the State Forestry Administration decided to build a new professional organization for giant panda rescue and disease prevention and control. With the assistance of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the joint efforts of all parties, the construction of the Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base was completed in December 2013.

Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base is the only scientific research institution in our country that focuses on the prevention and control of giant panda diseases and field rescue. Its total construction area is about 12,542 square meters and is divided into 6 areas: giant panda rescue and quarantine area, disease prevention and control research area, rehabilitation training area, public reception and education area, natural vegetation area, and office and logistics service area. Three of these areas: rehabilitation training area, public reception and education area and natural vegetation area are open to the public.

  • Dujiangyan Giant Panda Volunteer Experience: Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base provides a giant panda volunteer program, allowing tourists to get close to giant pandas and learn about the national treasure. Volunteer Experience Time: 8:30-17:00.
  • Volunteer program includes: cleaning panda enclosures in the morning, carrying bamboos (volunteers need to break larger bamboos or cut them into smaller pieces for pandas to digest), making wowotou (steamed corn bread) (panda biscuits) with a panda nutritionist, feeding pandas with wowotou and fruits and watching panda science and education movies, etc. Volunteers enjoy a simple staff meal in the staff cafeteria at noon. After a break, they continue to do cleaning and other work in the afternoon. After the end, the base will issue a panda volunteer certificate as a commemoration.


  • Visitors who want to take the panda volunteer program can contact the Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base directly by emailing pandaeducatecenter@163.com or consult and apply in advance by calling 028-69290315.
  • Starting from November 2018, all the giant panda bases in Sichuan (Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center, Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base, Wolong Panda Base and Bifengxia Panda Base) will no longer offer the project of hugging giant pandas and taking photos with them, and the restart time is unknown. For the giant panda volunteer program, you can go to Dujiangyan Panda Base, Wolong Panda Base, or Bifengxia Panda Base. The first recommendation is Dujiangyan Panda Base, which is close to Chengdu, so overnight stay is not needed. The programs of the Volunteer experience are the same.

Half/One day tour suggestion

  • Half Day Tour: Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base
  • One Day Tour: Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base + Mount Qingcheng

Giant Panda Tour: Half Day Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Base Tour, One day Panda Volunteer Tour or contact us and create your own Chengdu tour.

How to get to

  • Qingchengshan Town to Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base: Take bus No. 102 and get off at Giant Panda Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Chengdu to Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base: There are 16 intercity express trains from Chengdu North Railway Station to Mount Qingcheng between 6:32 and 20:17 every day. The fare is RMB15 per person and the journey takes about 40 minutes. After getting out of the station, take bus No. 102.

Useful Info

  • Admission Ticket: RMB58
  • Half-price Ticket: children between 1.3 and 1.5m in height
  • Free of charge: children under 1.3m in height
  • Where: Huaizhong Road, Shiqiao Village, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
  • When is it opened: 08:30-17:00
  • Tel: 028-85044854
  • Recommended Time: 1-2 hours. A whole day is needed if you take the panda volunteer program.
  • Recommended Seasons: All seasons, but it is quite hot in summer when giant pandas spend less time outside.

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  • Liang Chicken·chicken cooked by firewood in Mount Qingcheng: Add: No. 8, Group 12, Xinyi Town Village, Qingchengshan Avenue, Chengdu. Tel: 15223019546; 18040306059
  • Qingcheng Plateau Yak Soup (Main Store): Add: No. 8-10, Shuangzhong Street, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu. Tel: 13880166311; 13551298129

Recommended hotels nearby

  • Howard Johnson Conference Resort Chengdu: Add: No. 33, Haosheng Road, Qingcheng Shan Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu. Tel: 028-88988888
  • Qingyuan International Hotel: Add: No. 6, Qingyuan Road, Qingchengshan Town. Tel: 028-8719 9999; 87199988
  • Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain: Add: No. 2 Dong Ruan Road, Qingcheng Mountain Town, Dujiangyan 611844, China. Tel: 028-8712 6666

Nearby Attractions


  • Giant pandas live in dense bamboo forests with an altitude of 2600-3500 meters, where the annual temperature is lower than 20 ℃. They like coldness and hate heat. When the weather is cool, pandas spend more time outdoors. When the temperature rises above 26°C, giant pandas like to escape the heat indoors.
  • Do not slap on the glass, throw rubbish into the panda enclosures, make loud noise or feed food when visiting the pandas. When taking pictures, do not turn on the flash. Giant pandas have sensitive hearing, so too much noise can make them uncomfortable, and flashing lights can hurt their eyes, especially the eyes of panda cubs.
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