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Mt. Qingcheng

Mt. Qingcheng

Located in the southwest region of the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project in Sichuan Province is Mt. Qingcheng. It is one of the most renowned Taoist mountains in China. Surrounded by numerous peaks and covered by trees, Mt. Qincheng is brimming with evergreen and intriguing scenic areas. 

This mountain consists mainly of two parts, particularly the anterior and posterior. The anterior, possesses an enticing natural beauty as well as rich cultural and historic sites. It serves as the main scenic region within an area of nearly 15 square kilometers. Among them, the most famous destinations are Jianfu Palace, the Shangqing Palace, and Tianshi Cave.

The Jianfu Palace was originally constructed in the Tang Dynasty and renovated in subsequent dynasties. It houses two temples and three compounds. Thanks to its long history, it is now surrounded by lush ancient vegetation, which provides a superb summer resort for you to stay away from the heat. In front of Jianfu Palace is a limpid stream, adding charm to the atmosphere as a whole.

Tianshi Cave is one of the major temples on Mt. Qingcheng. The cave was named after Zhang Tianshi who was a celestial master in the Sui Dynasty. His stone statue proudly stands in the cave in his honor. Legend has it that Zhang Tianshi cultivated himself and preached there at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Thus, Zhang Tianshi is known as the founder of Taoism on Mt. Qingcheng.

The Shangqing Palace, originally built in the Jin Dynasty presents itself to the visitors with its natural scenery and revered buildings of Taoism. Among the buildings in the Shangqing Palace, a part of it was constructed in the Qing Dynasty. Today, it is an attractive sight to enjoy both the unique natural scenery and historic heritage of China.