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The Best Time for Traveling to Shangri-La

The Best Time for Traveling to Shangri-La

The Best Time: from May to July and from September to October

Located on the plateau area, Shangri-La has various topographies. As nature exerts a deep influence on Shangri-La, it’s very important for you to pick a right time to go visit. The best time for you to travel to Shangri-La is between May and July and from September to October. Regardless of the festivals there, the weather during this period is definitely perfect for traveling. The fully blossoming flowers, the green trees and grasses and the blue sky won’t fail to attract attention. There are also great differences in temperature between the day and night during this period of time.

Shangri-La is about 3,300 meters above sea level. Located on a humid plateau climate zone, the weather in Shangri-La varies throughout the year. Like any other plateau, it is windy and has a great difference in temperature during day and night. In the summer if it’s sunny during the day, the temperature can reach as high as more than 30℃. The sunlight is so intense that it’s very hard for people to open their eyes. Yet, it is a little bit cold in the morning and in the evening. Whenever you go to Shangri-La, it is advised to bring some coats to stay warm in the evening.

In the spring, particularly early spring when the snow starts to melt, it is cold with a temperature of around 5-20℃. Summer is the hottest season in Shangri-La. It rains a lot and the lake water is abundant in summer, so it’s very likely for you to bump into landslide on the way. The temperature in summer is around 15-30℃. Autumn is the season when Shangri-La showcases its exceptional beauty with a temperature from 5-30℃. In the winter, Shangri-La welcomes its coldest season. It usually snows and the temperature can be as low as -20℃.