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Xian Travel Tips

Xian Travel Tips

1.  You have to be careful with fragile products when purchasing tourism artifacts or souvenirs. While buying fragile products like porcelain, jade products, pottery products or antiques, you should ask the shopkeeper to show you the items beforehand. Never take the products without looking at them and touching them yourself. While spending time in the academic gate or Huanjue Lane of Hui Street with many booths, you should be careful with your personal belongings as you may be responsible if anything breaks.

2.  Don’t bargain with the shopkeeper if you have no desire to buy a product. You may get in trouble after deciding price if your intention is not to buy.

3.  When you are meeting stall keepers selling products in the street or sidewalk, don’t join them or attempt to buy something at a cheap price as well as people circling around since they may be cappers.

4.  Beware of your belongings while walking in a crowded area.

5.  There are many supermarkets in Xi’an that are enough to satisfy a travelers’ needs. It is convenient in the downtown area nearby since there are many stores including, CRVanguard on Feng Lane of South Street, Renrenle chain store on Jiefang Road, Trust-Mart inside West Gate, Renrenle outside the West Gate, Carrefour on North Street and Wal-mart in the hinny market on Dongda Street. The easiest way to find a supermarket is to ask locals on the street.

6.  Never believe that genuine artifacts are dug secretly or sold, especially those that say, “it is dug in one’s own field.” Artifacts in Shaanxi will not be as many as the step.