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Chinese Visa Information UK Citizens

American citizens apply Chinese visa

How to apply

1. Applicants applying for diplomatic, service and courtesy visas, or for visas (entry permit) to Hong Kong shall submit their applications to the embassy or the consulates general in their regions. They are not required to make an appointment in advance, and applications sent by mail are not accepted.

2. Common applicants may submit their applications to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (please visit www.visaforchina.org for more detailed information). You can make an online appointment in advance and submit an application. The Chinese Visa Application Center accepts applications by mail.

3. If necessary, the applicant shall go to an interview or to verify the signature on the application materials as required by the embassy or the consulate general.

British passport holders can enjoy visa-free policy when visiting Hong Kong. They may stay in Hong Kong or Macau for up to180 days after entry.

Service options

1. Regular service: 4 working days.

2. Express service: 3 working days (subject to approval).

3. Group visa: Normally 5 working days (No express service is available).

Payment methods and schedule of fees

1. Regular service


British Citizens

American Citizens

Third Country

Single entry

30 Pound

90 Pound

20 Pound

Double entries

45 Pound

90 Pound

30 Pound

Multiple entries (6 months)

90 Pound

90 Pound

40 Pound

Multiple entries (12 months or more)

180 Pound

90 Pound

60 Pound

2. Express service: additional charge of £15 per person

3. Fees charged by the Chinese Visa Application Service Center:

Regular service: £36 (including VAT)

Express service: £48 (including VAT)

Mail service: £54 (including VAT)

Note: total visa fees = (visa fees + service charges) * the number of group members

The Chinese Embassy (London)

Add: 31 Portland Place, London, W1B1QD, UK

Tel: 0044 (0) 2072998431/72998432/72994051

Fax: 0044 (0) 2076369756

Embassy Website: http://www.chinese-embassy.org.uk/eng/visa/

The Chinese Visa Application Center in London: http://www.visaforchina.org/LON_EN/

The Chinese Consulate General in Manchester

Add: Denison House, 49Denison Road, Rushome, Manchester M14 5RX, UK

Tel: 0044 (0) 1612247443/2570087

Fax: 0044 (0) 1612247478

Consulate-General Web: http://manchester.chineseconsulate.org/eng/visa/visa/

The Chinese Visa Application Center in Manchester: http://www.visaforchina.org/MAN_EN/

The Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh

Add: 55 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, EH12 5QG, UK

Tel: 0044 (0) 1313371207

Fax: 0044 (0) 1313371790

Consulate-General Web: http://edinburgh.china-consulate.org/eng/zgqz/

The Chinese Visa Application Center in Edinburgh: https://www.visaforchina.org/EDI_EN/