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144-Hour Visa-free Transit Policy

144 hours visa free zone in China

1. To facilitate entry into the Pearl River Delta, State Council has approved simplified visa procedures for foreign visitors with valid passports who travel in a group to Hong Kong or Macau. This allows them to tour around Guangdong Province, including such cities as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing and Huizhou. This is available to visitors who come from countries that have established diplomatic ties with China.

2. The policy applies to those who are part of a tour group that has been registered with a legal travel agency in Hong Kong or Macau. They can only visit the cities mentioned above and for up to 6 days after their entry.

3. The tour group must provide a list of names of each person in the group, and enter through the ports open to foreigners mentioned above. On entry the tour group must provide the list of names, and group members each show their passports. Group members do not have to fill in an entry-exit registration card.

4. This policy also applies if the tour group enters the mainland through Shantou and only visits areas within the prefecture of the city of Shantou.

Visitors who come to China on the 144-hour visa-free policy must enter and exit China in the same tour group. If any group member needs to leave China ahead of the registered schedule, that person must show an official letter at the port of departure, issued by the travel agency and including the list of names of the tour group. Departure will then be allowed after going through the formalities. If, instead, a group member needs to extend their stay in the Pearl River Delta or go to other places on the mainland as a result of force majeure or accident (such as illness, injury, etc.), the tour group must submit an official letter to the local police station and apply for approval to open a subgroup before the approved time for the group's stay has expired.