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Grape Valley

Grape Valley

The Grape Valley is in the northeastern region of the Turpan City,  east of Tianshan Mountain range and at the center of Turpan Basin. The valley is also at the western side of the Flaming Mountains filled with clear creeks and grapevines. It is 8 kilometers long, 0.6 to 2 kilometers wide, as the cliffs confront one another. The Grape Valley Scenic Area is ranked as a 5A (the highest) scenic area in China.

Although it is located at the gorge of the hot Flaming Mountains, Grape Valley has nice weather, in contrast to hot and dry barren areas outside. It presents a heaven of unique beauty. It is covered by green grass and densely scattered by green trees, which is similar to a green world with sparkling creeks and poetic springs.

In the valley, thick grapevines are interwoven with one another including winding paths leading to a secluded place with clusters of grapes within reach. The grapes start getting ripe at the end of April, and August is the peak season for grapes. The grapes grow in the valley are of various types, including the seedless white, rose-pink, red, black, and so on.

With enough sunshine during the daytime, low temperature at night, and enough dryness, the weather enables the grapes and other fruits are very sweet. There are 6,000 people with Uygur, Hui, and Han nationalities living in this valley. There are 400 hectares within the cultivated land, 220 hectares of which are grape cultivating areas.

Additionally, the notable grapevines, many types of trees are scattered throughout the valley that include the following: apple, pear, peach, mulberry, apricot, pomegranate, fig, walnut, elm, poplar, and willow among other. There are also watermelons and muskmelons, in the valley turning it into a “garden of a hundred kinds of flowers” in spring and an “orchard of a hundred kinds of fruit” in the summer.

The annual Grape Festival in August should be missed. During the festival, you will not only be able to taste the delicious and delicate grapes, but also appreciate performances by Uygur people.