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The most beautiful village - Mulihong

The most beautiful village - Mulihong

Mulihong Village is one of  the best photography places in Huangshan City. The village has a perfect ecosystem, unique topography, is located on a suspended ridge, has a strong local culture, and is known as "the most beautiful high Mountain Village in Huangshan."

The village has a history of 300 years with three parts of the village suspended on the ridge, only the southern side connects to the Kuzhu Mountain range, similar to an island. Houses have been built on the hillside and retained authentic Hui architecture style.

The plethora of clouds in the village are present over 100 days during the year, which is rare in southern Anhui. The village is often surrounded and covered by large clumps of clouds, overlooking a breathtaking panoramic view similar to that in a fairytale. The fog and cloud goes away as the sun rises, the beautiful village is surrounded by green bamboo. The scenery in this village is a paradise for all photographers.

How to get to Mulihong Village? - Vehicle rental or transfer to different buses

How many hours does it take? - About 2 to 3 hours from Huangshan City to the village

Accommodation: very simple local guesthouses

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Shanghai to Huangshan by air or train

Day2: Huangshan Mountain hiking

Day 3: Huangshan Mountain hiking down to Hongcun Village

Day 4: Hongcun Village to Mulihong Village

Day 5: Mulihong Village to Huangshan and back to Shanghai