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Where is the best place to travel in September?

best place to travel in September

Where is the best place to travel in September? On the turn of summer and autumn, every place is golden year round in September. Go and find your golden yellow scenery on such a good season.

1. Jiuzhaigou Valley

Recommendation: Autumn is the most gorgeous season to visit Jiuzhaigou Valley. Red maples and colorful forests reflect against the lake and fallen petals glitters above the lake in the breeze. Under the blue sky and the natural environment, it is the beat time to appreciate the autumn landscape in Jiuzhaigou Valley regardless of its temperature and climate. In autumn, Jiuzhaigou is covered with flowers, red maples, fallen leaves, green pines and glory poplar. It appears like a golden sea of fruits, reflecting in the mountains and waters.

The best time to travel in Jiuzhaigou Valley is from September to November.

2. Lijiang Ancient Town

Recommendation: Everyone holds different opinions on when the best time to travel to Lijiang is. It depends on what scenery you want to experience. However, although September is the peak time to travel in Lijiang, you shouldn’t miss this place. Combined with business and peaceful ambience, you will have a relaxed and primitive enjoyment.

Clothing: You can take a T-shirt, sweater, coat, and sunscreen and rain gear. In Lijiang, especially in the rainy season, you should carry a coat with you. If you travel in the city in the summer, a sweater is not necessary but sunscreen is a must. Lijiang’s  elevation is higher than Dali. Thus, the ultraviolet rays are strong. Sometimes with sunscreen you will tan after a day outside in the sunlight.

Food: I think the food in Lijiang ancient city is not as delicious as that in Dali and Kunming. Food in the ancient city is diverse including, western restaurants, coffee and pizza shops. However, cold rice noodles and Lijiang stuffed buns are local specialities.

Accommodation: Similar to Dali, you should live in the ancient city. Do not worry about the vacancy of accommodation although the availability and price are dependent on location and the holidays. Of course, the hotel prices range from RMB30 to RMB120.

Transportation: Most people go to Lijiang after Dali as the fare and time is almost the same. Some will fly to Lijiang from Kunming. Lijiang Airport has served flights from Lijiang to Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guiyang, etc. It's only a 30 minute drive to the airport from the downtown.

3. Hulunbeir Grassland-The world of vast grass, heavy clouds and blue sky

Recommendation: As one of the world’s three largest grasslands, Hulunbeir Grassland is full of various types of lakes, vast grass and sheep. Walking on the natural woven grass carpet, it makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Travel tips: You can ride a camel on the grassland wander around the lake on "Leleche." Fishing and hunting are also good options.

4. Daocheng Yading-The final Shangrila

Recommendation: Located in Daocheng County red grassland, Sichuan Province, has a reputation as the "Color of Heaven" and only show its charm in autumn. Every tourist who has traveled there will not forget the glittering red. The red grassland is within the greater Shangri-La surrounded by holy mountains and lakes, attracting photography lovers with its marvelous landscape.

Travel tips: Take your photographic equipment to explore the final Shangri-La

5. Kanas Lake in Sinkiang

Recommendation: Kanas is the only Swiss landscape in Asia which only possesses magnificent northern scenery but also elegant southern landscape. Together with a sea of clouds, the light of Buddha, colorful lake, long floating beach and lake monster, it is regarded as the immortal scenery and painting world. Every September and October are the golden seasons of Kanas. Blue sky, forests, yellow and red branches in the green hillside, you are indulged in the Kanas Lake.

Travel tips: Colorful Lake, Kanas Lake monster

6. Nyingchi, Tibet

Recommendation: The best time to travel Nyingchi is between mid-September and the end of October. As the must-see place in Tibet, you can enjoy the snow peak in the clouds, green pines, clustered sheep and cows on the hillside and golden yellow poplars and red maples at the bottom of hill.

Travel tips: Songcuo Lake, another style of Jiangnan