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Top 10 mountains in China

Namjagbarwa Peak

No. 1 - Namjagbarwa Peak in Nyingchi, Tibet: the best time to climb this peak is from February to April and October to November annually.

Gongga Mountain

No. 2 - Gongga Mountain in Sichuan: the best time to visit the mountain is from April to October. It snows in late October and thaws beginning March.

Qomolangma Peak (Everest)

No. 3 - Qomolangma Peak (Everest) in Tibet: the best time to climb the Mountain is from late April to early September and mid-June to early October.

Meili Snow Mountains

No. 4 - Meili Snow Mountains, Yunnan Province: the best time to enjoy this snowy mountain is from January to May.

Yellow Mountain

No. 5 - Huangshan (Yellow) Mountain, Anhui Province : the best time to climb the mountain is year round. From  March 16th to November 16th is a peak season, while from November 16th to March 15th is a less popular season to visit.

Three Holy Mountains in Daocheng

No. 6 - Three Holy Mountains in Daocheng, Sichuan Province:  the best months to visit the mountains are from April to June and September to November. July and August are a part of the rainy season in this region.

Chogori Peak

No. 7 - Chogori Peak in Xinjiang: the best season to climb a peak is from July to September.

Kangrinboqe Peak

No. 8 - Kangrinboqe Peak in Nagri, Tibet: best season to climb the peak is from May to early July and mid-August to October.

Tai Mountain

No. 9 - Mount Tai, Shandong Province:  the best season to visit is all year round.

Emei Mountain

No. 10 - Emei Mountain, Sichuan Province: the best seasons to climb this mountain are spring and fall.