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A Song dynasty tomb discovered in Chongqing

A song dynasty tomb discovered in Chongqing

This Song dynasty tomb is a luxury rectangle double-chamber tomb that was discovered in Baisha town, approximately 90 kilometers southwest of Chongqing.

The history of the tomb spans more than 700 years, as estimated by a local archeologist who took part in the excavation.

The rectangle double-chamber tomb is 8.5 meters long, 7.5 meters wide and 3 meters high.  

From the point of view of the burial structure, scale, and technology, the double-chamber tomb construction involved a lot of manpower and material resources. As a result, many argue that the owner must have had a high social status in society.

The archaeologists discovered many beautiful carvings in the tomb. Inside the tomb there were sculptures of warriors, immortals, boys, auspicious animals, flowers and wood structures with patterns, as well as red and black pigment on some of the carvings.

The discovery of the tomb made a contribution to the study of Song Dynasty sculpture. The stone building technology was made of valuable material that has a historical value on the study of politics, economics and culture in Chongqing during the Song Dynasty.

It was estimated that the tomb was robbed from because some small remains of porcelain were found inside the tomb.