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Shuangya Mountain Attracts the Self-driving Group

Shuangya Mountain

Shuangya Mountain has always been favored by most tourists for its excellent ecological environment and natural landscape. With the holding of self-driving tour in Harbin, Kiamusze and Shuangya Mountain on May, 5, Shuangya Mountain welcomed the Malaysian self-driving tourist group on August 27. The group is composed of 33 members from Norway, Greece, Ireland, America, Russia, Singapore, Australia, China and other countries. Under the organization of Malaysian Huahao Travel Agency, they entered our country in Sinkiang on August 6 and traveled to Sinkiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other provinces. After entering Heilongjiang Province, they drove to the east along the border and arrived in Raohe County of Shuangya Mountain on August 27.

During the stay in Raohe County, the group encamped in the famous tourist county Hezhe minority and got a warm welcome of local people. They sat around the bonfire on the riverbank of Ussuri River, appreciated the Shaman Dance performed by local people and listened to graceful music songs. With the influence of live atmosphere, the tourist members performed harmonica, songs and dances. On August 28, the group drove to the next destination.

The development of the self-driving tour has created a positive influence on Shuangya Mountain tourist products and cultivation of tourist consumption.