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Qingdao Wines Museum Unveils 4A Level Scenic Area

Qingdao Wines Museum Unveils

The Information Center of Qingdao Wines Museum, founded in July 6, is a professional information center which combines sensory appreciation of wines, wine market consultation, wine taster, sommelier major training and wine knowledge and provides wine lovers with a platform for exchange and learning.

Qingdao Wines Museum plays an important role in the itinerary of the "Wonderful Museum Series" in the northern part of downtown, which constitutes the unique industrial route together with Qingdao Beer Museum, Qingdao Textile Museum and Qingdao Tobacco Museum.

Qingdao Wines Museum is said to be the first underground museum with the theme of wines, with an area of 8,800 square meters and built in 2009 invested by Qingdao North District Committee and District government. Currently, the museum has 15 scenic areas such as Natural Vineyard, Oak Barrel Cellar and Wine Bank and tens of thousands of collections. Since is opening, it has received nearly 1,200,000 visitors.