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60% souvenirs of 2012 London Olympic Games are from China

London Olympic Games

On the occasion that athletes are competing with each other in the stadium, Chinese enterprises strive for the Olympic. The journalists learned many medium-sized and small enterprises have received Olympic orders by means of e-commerce platform. The artificial turf used for football field and hockey field covering an area of 20,000 square meters are made by Beijing company; the 50 millions flags are made in Zhejiang; spots bags used by Netherlands delegation are from a supplier in Quanzhou, Fujian. The statistics show that in the commodities used in the London Olympics, 5 kinds of towels and bedding, 19 kinds of cups, 11 kinds toy cars, 190 kinds of pins, 23 kinds of clothes, 4 kinds of plush doll mascots and 18 kinds badges, wrist straps and bracelets are all made in China. In addition, 90% of London Olympics souvenirs are made in foreign countries, in which 65% are made in China. In all these souvenirs, 7 categories are made in china, including towel, bedding, ornaments, key ring and garment.