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The Best Season to Mt. Huang Scenic Spot Is on the Way

The Best Season to Mt. Huang Scenic Spot Is on the Way

These photos were captured in Mt. Huang at dusk of the 23rd and on the morning of September 24. The best time to appreciate Mt. Huang is in autumn. In high altitudes, various colors emerge in broad-leaved deciduous forests. Set by odd pines and black stones, sunrise and sunglow, sea of clouds and clear springs, the mixture of color makes Mt. Huang appear like a European painting.

At this time of year, leaves of deciduous plants like sweetgums, acer palmatums, azaleas to name a few start to fade from green to different colors and shimmer under sunlight.

Mt. Huang has attractive natural landscapes shared with other well-known mountains. It is widely recognized for five features, namely, pine trees, odd stones, sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow. It also has bright spring, a melodious summer, colorful autumn and charming winter.

“The lush green mountains turn crimson after autumn when the sun sets and many coral trees seem to be glazed.” This transseason and multiperiod natural scenery combines the lingering summer, yearning spring and winter. Clouds under the blue sky dance around the mountains. Sunrise, sunglow, sea of clouds and holy glory of Buddha arise are also present.

The optimum time for tourists to experience late autumn in Mt. Huang lasts up until November. Paiyun Pavilion, Sabhua Pavilion, Lansheng Bridge, Baiyun Stream, entrance of Yungu Ropeway and Songgu Parking Plot are the best places to appreciate autumn scenery and the view of “maple leaves in this season are redder than in spring blossom.”