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Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill

The Tiger Hill (Huqiu) Scenery area is located at northwestern region of Suzhou. The hill was named “Tiger” because the shape of the hill is similar to a crouching tiger. With a history of over 2,500 years, the Tiger Hill Scenic area is a famous tourist destination in Suzhou and has been for hundreds of years. It is known for its natural beauty, historical and cultural heritages. It has been ranked as a 4A (the highest being 5A) scenic area in China.

The Tiger Hill is only 36 meters high, even the century-old tree surrounding is taller than the hill. The highlight of Tiger Hill Scenic area is located not on the hill, but the scenery and historical and cultural sites around. There is a legend about the name of the hill. King Helu of Wu State, founder of Suzhou, was buried there after he died. A white tiger said to have appeared to guard in the tomb 3 days after he was buried, which is the reason for its name.

The Tiger Hill Scenic area has gorgeous scenery in different seasons, valuable rocks, deep creeks, and some sites for special occasions like fairs. The most famous scenic areas are the Yunyan Temple Pagoda on top of the Tiger Hill and the Sword Pool. The Yunyan Temple Pagoda used to serve as a symbol of Suzhou in ancient times. The tomb of the King Helu of the Wu State is said to lie under the Sword Pool. However, it remains a mystery because the tomb has never been found under the Sword Pool.

Some important events have been held in Tiger Hill Scenic area such as the Spring Flower Show and Autumn Temple Fair. Many more will be held in the future in this scenic area.