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Master of the Nets Garden

Master of the Nets Garden

The Master of the Nets Garden in Suzhou is one of the finest gardens in China. Differing from other gardens in Suzhou, Master of the Nets Garden shows the combination of art, nature, and architecture, enabling the garden to be the best among other gardens in Suzhou.

Approximately 800 hundred years ago, an official named Shi Zhengzhi of the Southern Song Dynasty was dismissed. He went there and built this garden which also known as the Fisherman’s Retreat (Yuyin) by then. In the Qing Dynasty, an official named, Song Zongyuan took over the garden and renamed it the Master of the Nets Garden after redesigning it. As ownership changed over the years and restoration took place, the humble spirit of the garden remained.

Master of the Nets Garden can be divided into three sections: central, east, and west. The central section is the main garden. East Garden is mainly ancient homes. Additionally, the West Garden features the Five Peaks Library and a study hall. 

The building of the Master of the Nets Garden required expert techniques on dimension, contrast, sequence and depth. It is considered to be the most “balanced” garden in Suzhou when considering its right amount of water, rocks, plants, and timbers. It is said that this garden has inspired visitors intellectually and spiritually because of its poetic and artistic features. It will surely be an incredible garden tour experience for visitors.