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Traveling Guidelines

Traveling Guidelines

Wutai Mountain is a pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Whatever your religion is, you should follow the local customs. You’re not supposed to break tranquility and make noise there. You have to abide by the rules in the temples.

If you go to Wutai Mountain just for traveling, you ought to try your best to avoid bumping into incense salesmen. If you don’t intend to buy some, don’t reach out your hands. Sometimes, it’s hard to get rid of the troubles made by these salesmen.

Prepare some change. There are no stores and buffets in Wutai Mountain. You need change when you pay for vegetable meals, accommodation and donate money to the temple.

Whoever you run into, whether they’re monks, nuns or laymen, you should call them “Shixiong” (meaning “senior apprentice”).

Instead of saying, “hello, thanks and bye,” you should say, “Amitabha.”

You also should stay in your hotel at night. Also, you shouldn’t walk alone in the mountains because of leopards and wolves that may be roaming around then.