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The best time travel to Wutai Mountain

The best time travel to Wutai Mountain

The best time for traveling to Wutai Mountain is summer, particularly between July and August.

Though Wutai Mountain is roughly at the same altitude with Beijing, its high altitude gives its climate features of the Great Khingan in Northeastern China.


As it’s quite humid in Wutai Mountain, it often rains heavily. So, you need to bring an umbrella with you if you climb the mountain. If you travel to Wutai Mountain in spring and autumn, you need to bring sweaters and woolen pants. If you intend to see sunrise at the top of the mountain, you also need to bring a coat with you.

If you traverse the northern areas of Fanzhi, Shahe and Hongmenyan all the way to Wutai Mountain, you need to watch the seasonal and climate changes closely. Before May and after September, the roads in high altitudes are blocked by snow and are hard to pass through. The roads are only open from May to September.