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Taiyuan Local Culture

Taiyuan Local Culture

The Culture of Taiyuan-Dough Sculptures

The origin of Shanxi dough sculptures can be traced back as early as the Spring and Autumn Period. They are primitive, crude but lively, exquisite but simplel reflecting the people’s craving for a better future.

The dough sculpture function as a token of marriage as well as a birthday gift. It’s a good option to give this as a gift to a loved one or friend.

Customs: When it comes to marriage, the families of both sides should make dough sculptures to symbolize good wishes and happiness. The dough sculptures are vary: huge steamed rice cake symbolizing happiness, dough sculpture in the shape of a two-faced fish symbolizing harmony between husband and wife, dragon and phoenix dough sculptures symbolizing respect and love between the newly-wed, dough sculptures symbolizing blessings brought about by babies, dough sculptures symbolizing the best wishes for the future of the kids, dough sculptures of the 12 symbolic animals associated with a 12-year circle, among others.

Shanxi International Folk Arts Festival

First held on September 21, 1991, Shanxi International Folk Arts Festival is annually held in Taiyuan. Besides, there are also Shanxi International Drums Festival and Shanxi Friendship Week with Foreign Countries.

During the festival, there are thousands of performers from many art troupes from around the country gathering in Taiyuan. The whole city is decorated with colorful flags and filled with sounds of drums. The people all immerse themselves in a happy atmosphere that the festival brings

Also, there are also some performances given by the folk art troupes from Russia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Mongolia. The wonderful foreign folk dances and exhibitions of art works, paintings, paper-cutting, operas, acrobatics, magic shows and costumes will be sure to impress you.