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Pingyao Travel Tips

Pingyao Travel Tips

Guidelines for Traveling to Pingyao

It is cold and windy with a small amount of rainfall in Shanxi. It is advised to carry sunglasses and caps in case of sandstorms.

The drinking water in Pingyao is salty. So, you might not like it when you drink it. It is best to buy some purified water instead.

When it comes to accommodation, having meals, shopping and transportation, you can haggle as you want. Try to bargain for your items!

If you are a backpacker, you can travel by yourself without a tour guide. You can join another tour group and share their tour guide.

As there are a number of historical sites in the ancient town, many sites call for ticket examination. So you should take good care of your tickets.

Visitors with entrance tickets of the ancient town can watch performances in the Pingyao Great Stage for free.