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The Ming and Qing Street

Ming and Qing Street

Located in the Southern Street of the ancient town, the Ming and Qing Street‘ are scattered with buildings of an antique style. When walking on it, you will feel as if you were in ancient times. Indeed, the street itself is quite narrow. On both its sides stand various small stores of wooden structures. Some sell local specialties, some offer local delicacies, while others provide souvenirs.

You can also see movie icons from the past. For instance, you can just go into institute that provides escort for cashes transported over a long distance and learn about its history. There are two deep tracks in front of each decent store, implying that the street was once very busy back in the old days.

You can pick some funny items as antique-style ornaments and locks for affordable prices. You can save them as souvenirs or present them to your friends and relatives as gifts.