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Jinnan Weifeng Luogu in Shanxi

Jinnan Weifeng Luogu in Shanxi

Linfen, the birthplace of Yao (a legendary monarch in ancient China) and the place where Yao found the capital commonly known as Pingyang, is a cradle of China's splendid culture of five thousand years. Being one category of folk art of luogu, Weifeng Luogu has a long history as well as a solid base in Linfen City, Shanxi Province.

Weifeng Luogu, is first called "luogu", commonly referred to as "jiahuo (means tools)," which distributes in Linfen City, Huozhou County, Hongtong County and Fushan County. During the long-term development, it derives art throughout different times, making itself better.

Two performance types are common and are carrying a big, round drum on the drummer's arm, which is popular in many areas of Pingyang. The other is called Jiazi drum which spreads in Fushan County. It is performed while walking without many changes in movement. Due to the changes made since its inception and regional difference, Weifeng Luogu forms itself into two schools, such as the eastern region of the Fen River and western part of the Fen River. Some well-known versions are Qipaizi and Daochuilian.

Weifeng Luogu is a form of folk music consisting an instrumental ensemble of drums, cymbals, gongs and small cymbals, and is characterized by simple, deep and powerful sounds, with rich content and integration of music, dance and technique. The performers are full of passion demonstrating the bold and unconstrained nature of Northern people living in the Loess Plateau of northwest China. Thus Weifeng Luogu plays an important role in the research of folklore, history, sociology and aesthetics.