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Double-Pagodas Temple

Double-Pagodas Temple

Located in the southern part of Haozhuang Village to the southeast of Taiyuan, Double-Pagodas Temple is the landmark of Taiyuan. Originally built during the reign of Emperor Zhuyi of the Ming Dynasty, it is also called Yongzhuo Temple. The word Zhuo is translated as god’s blessings in Chinese.

The yard of the temple sits in the south facing north, consisting of three parts: the forecourt, backyard and pagoda yard.

The two famous pagodas are built in the yard. Sponsored by monk Fodeng of the Ming Dynasty, the 13-story-high stone-built pagodas are over 50 meters high. The two pagodas stand 60 meters apart with exquisite decorations and clear outlines. There are also spiraling steps between the outer and inner walls of the pagodas. Through these steps, you can reach the 11th floor and look into the distance at the panoramic view of the city.

The two pagodas are symbols of Taiyuan. Originally called “Wenxuan Temple,” the two pagodas have a reputation as the double upstanding pagodas as they are tall and majestic.

Apart from the two pagodas, Daxiong Great Palace, Sansheng Chamber and Stone Inscription Gallery are also worth visiting. Inside the small courtyard in front of Daxiong Great Palace grow such flowers as peonies and lilacs, among which some are quite famous, including: yellow peonies, purple peonies, etc. When it comes to the blossoming season, the courtyard is dotted with colorful flowers and filled with refreshing fragrance. Passing through the moon-shaped gate of the east chamber by the yard, you will reach Stone Inscription Gallery, where calligraphic masterpieces and stone inscriptions by hands were made by famous calligraphers such as Wang Xizhi, Zhang Xu, Yan Zhenqing, Liu Gongquan and Su Dongpo are all on display. It’s definitely a good place for you to appreciate Chinese calligraphy.